Support For The Sisthren

My heart breaks each time  I hear a sister talk about a bad experience she had with a fellow sister concerning her hair. Nothing makes me sadder than criticisms from Christian sisters in the Church. We preach love but do we really show it?
No matter what a person is, no matter what a person does...our responsibility is to leave them better than we met them and not vice-versa.At Church we are taught not to judge or be judged. We all have a little voice in our heads telling us what to do. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. In essence ,we have enough pressure coming from within and more negativity from another person only makes life harder.
Most people on the street just need a smile...thats all. Encourage people,  make them happy and your life will be happy too.
As beautiful African women (or women of African descent), we aught to pull together, help each other grow and not "help" the next sister feel horrible about her decisions. Writing people off and telling them about it to their faces only makes you a hater. The Bible talks of love and acceptance of our brethren!! Love your brethren (sisthren) as you love your self. Spread that  love, support a it genuinely and watch others grow as you grow.Remember...we are the choices that we make.Choose to be happy with and for others.

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