I vex till I tire...

“…too much money problems how to spend it…plenty dollars…straight to aboki…”
That's a line from the most popular song to hit the Nigerian market.  The artist glorified the maga and yahoo boy relationship. I tire…
Growing up in Nigeria, I have had the opportunity of being friends with the very rich, the really poor and the middle class. Money, I promise you, is not that easy to come by in these parts. My problem though is that most Nigerian youths have this fantasy that they are going to hammer (hit big at once)!!! We drop out of school to sing the lamest song on the planet and stand by super markets begging people to buy “the record”. We stay at home…chillin because we have a relative abroad who will send THE money home….I want to work in an oil company, I will be a local government chairman, I am first son, Popsy will soon die and all his money is mine…..the stories are endless. Desperation begins when these grand dreams don’t seem to materialize. So what do we do?... we hit jackpot with fraud!!
We feel no sense of shame or remorse for destroying the credibility of every hardworking Nigerian not to speak of the loss of our poor victims. The truth is that for every “sharp guy” caught abroad and in Nigeria millions of hardworking Nigerians suffer.
I watched a show on t.v where Nigerians abroad spoke bitterly about the treatment they received from Africans and other Nationalities. At the airports we are checked 5 times more than the next guy.Some of us deny our heritage because we are treated like criminals. Reason?...lazy youths who have decided that they “gather more sense than bros next door”.
Our approach to life should be that we represent not just our families, but also our tribes, our country and our race. It’s not a burden when you think of the havoc that your selfish decisions in this life time can cause the generations to come. I will be very hurt if I am brought back to life and see that my children are treated as criminals when they did nothing. We are Nigerian and we can work things out by making a conscious effort to change our today for those yet unborn. It hurts that no one trusts you even when you do nothing wrong…oh, yes you did…remember, your brother/ sister from another mother just did them in!!…eish man…what a life...:(

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