10 Common Black Hair Myths: Fact or Fiction?

I had to share this link with you Ladies. Dr. Phoenyx Austin discusses common myths and facts of hair growth on curlynikki.com. Click on the link below and read.

Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Curly Hair Care: 10 Common Black Hair Myths: Fact or Fiction?:
"...MYTH #3: Braids and weaves can cause hair loss
FACT: A recent article in The Grio touched on this and it also touched a nerve with many Black women that didn’t want to accept that things like braids and weaves were damaging their hair and even causing hair loss (alopecia). The truth is that braids and weave pull on your hair strands. And continuous hair pulling for extended periods of time can in fact lead to hair loss- sometimes reversible and sometimes non-reversible. So if you like to wear weaves/braids, or if you use them for “protective styling, just make sure the style isn’t too tight and make sure you give your hair scalp a rest by alternating braided styles with loose ones every few weeks."

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