I've Got a Fro!!

Bleaching, toning, relaxers, human hair, brazillian wigs....  the list is endless.In my opinion most Nigerian women have some obsession with looking different. We hardly have a list of favorite books to read, productive talents we are developing, helpful projects to help our neighbors out of debt or poverty. Sometimes I wonder, do we not feel embarrassed by the pictures we see on T.V? There are children with no funds to go to school, they are on our streets hawking, working,or stealing. We turn a blind eye, move on with our lives and spend N45,000 on a 'Brazillian wig'!! I'm a Christian...I love God....I no dey miss Church service...have you ever contributed any funds to the growth of the Church? Have you ever donated to the Motherless Babies home? Have you ever paid the school fees of a church member?Do you pay your tax unfailingly? There are so many things we have to do for our society than spend so much money denying who we really are.
When I walk around with my fro, some ladies openly laugh or point fingers at me. I have being offered free perm kits, I have answered numerous questions like: are you deeper life (Christian sect), do your parents forbid relaxers....I laugh, smile or just ignore their ignorance. WE are Africans,deep brown with AFROS!!! We can deny it all we want and continue to make some people rich but the truth is that you are AFRICAN and you CANNOT change that fact. Look at the beautiful pictures above, that's a reflection of who you are. When next you walk the streets and point at a natural sister who is bold enough to strut what God has blessed her with, know that  the joke is on you because you are laughing at your reflection.
Embrace your Color, Fluff your Fro, be grateful for who you are. When next you take a huge chunk of you hard earned resources to buy your wigs or  bleaching lotions remember what an impact that money will make in a family. Let's be more considerate,let's help our communities grow instead of fueling our insecurities. Some fathers and mothers earn less than a thousand Naira each day. You might say that it concerns you not...that is their portion in life...they made wrong decisions they can live with it. Just remember that our ability to feel the pains of our brethren makes us human.  I know that it is difficult to break years of mental slavery (yes I said mental slavery) but conscious steps taken everyday will make a huge difference.

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