My Fake Dreadlocks

I've always wanted to lock my kinks.. I just could not imagine having one hairstyle all my life.  Last week I visited Natural Belle's blog and found a solution. A video made by Suzzy of was posted, teaching how to make fake dreads using yarns. The picture above shows my results. I LOVE IT!!! I've gotten so many complements I can't count. My friends tell me; "you look like you look like Dakore..." lol.Thanks Suzzy and Natural Belle for sharing!!

Dakore (left)


  1. The fake locks do look fabulous on you... it makes me want to try it. Keep rocking those.

  2. Thanks Anya!
    Glad you could visit!
    Please note that if you want to try this style out, DO NOT hold on too tightly to your roots. It might be too painful and you might loose some hair strands.

  3. wow. so how long did it take you to do this as i'm guessing you did it by yourself?

  4. Hi Stelzz!! Glad you could stop by.
    Hmm...I started by 10 at night ...slept by 12..resumed by 10 the next morning and finished around 2-2:30pm...So let's say; roughly 6hrs if I sat down all through and kept my mouth shut:).

  5. i love ur hairstyle nd want to do d same. Pls refer d person who did urs to me.

  6. Thanks Anon! I did it myself and I'm sure you can do it too. Just watch the video it's really easy. If you have problems email me and I'll tell you what to tell your hair stylist.



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