Still on low maintenance...

 Two weeks ago,I took down the fake dreads and  have being nothing but lazy when it comes to my hair. After loosening the wool , the hair strands where loosely matted together. So, instead of washing or detangling it immediately, I patiently detangled the matted hair strands with my fingers. This made it easier to comb the hair.
 After detangling, I washed my hair, deep conditioned with aloe vera gel mixed with conditioner, rinsed off the deep conditioner after an hour, applied a leave- in- conditioner, and braided my hair into 4 big sections. When it got dry, I threaded my hair and left it alone for the next 5 days.

  On Friday I took out the sections in front and tied a scarf like the one in the pic.below.


This weekend, I felt too lazy to wash the mane so I oiled my scalp and put my hair in chunky braids.
My hair seems to be doing well with my low maintenance regime which is; wash, air dry, braid (or thread) and sleep. When I'm in the mood I pin it up and then braid it at night. Ever since I stopped over manipulating my hair, I noticed fewer split ends and less hair strands on my comb.
With this short update, I wish you all a blessed week ahead... and remember Naturals; DON'T STRESS THE KINKS!!


  1. Really nice!

    I've also been enjoying the benefits of threading. I actually made like 14 in all, lay them down by gathering them in batches like you did and pinned down bits here and there and wore them for 2wks. I wore them under a wig also (used a wig cap first).

  2. Ohh...your hair looks great. Hoping mine will get there soon.

  3. Hi Ladies!!
    9jaFoodie, Thank you! Your profile picture looks tempting!
    Myne,not to worry. Just keep on loving the kinks and watch it respond.
    @ Anon I'm so happy to meet someone who loves threading:).Do you know that you can get curl definition from 4a/b/c hair using threads? I'll do a post on that soon.
    Thanks Ladies for the comments. Peace, Love and Natural!!

  4. Loving your hair. You are right about low manipuation= fewer splits. I love your threading style. Honestly, it looks really good to wear in public. Can you do a video tutorial on that please please please?

  5. Your hair looks so good. I left a comment last night but do not see it. I asked if you could do a video tutorial on the threading method. I love the way your hair came out. I also like the way you tied your scarf.

  6. Hi Coilybella!!
    I'm so sorry for the delay. Thanks for the complements:). I'll be making a very short video before the week runs out . Please bear with me. I've being so busy.
    I wish I could wear that out in Nigeria:). You don't want to know what my friends call me when they see me with thread. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day!!

  7. Your hair looks amazing!! So healthy and beautiful!!! I love the styles as well!!! Great job!! *NEW FOLLOWER*

    I look forward to reading more of your amazing posts!!


  8. Hi Char!! Thanks for following. Ooh...I love your fro!

  9. Yes, I read former posts! Your hair looks fabulous in these shots. So beautiful.

  10. where can i find a turorial for fake dreads?

  11. Hi Bubbles411,
    Here's a link to AfricanCreature's video



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