Natural hair Meet-Up Lagos: The Venue

Picture of Lagos taken by a very sleepy head

Last week I was invited to Lagos by Natural Nigerian to attend a meeting concerning the natural hair meet-up. I was really excited!! I haven't being to Lagos in a very long time. So I packed  an overnight bag and headed over to Lag. sharp-sharp.
Contrary to my expectations, no one snatched my bag, no one even acted like I existed. People were using their Blackberries and pod's on the street without anyone snatching it. If you are like me who has heard horrible Lagos stories; this will be a surprise to you.The downside of the journey was that I got to Lagos very late because of the traffic and had to wake up by 4:00am to beat early morning traffic (na wa o).
By 7:00am I met with the beautiful Natural Nigerian  who gave me a mini tour of the Island. By 9:00 we met with Screwyhairgirl  and the Natural Nutritionist to begin planning.
Typical of Natural Ladies; the meeting was interrupted by hair-talk :) I learnt a lot from these lovely ladies and would never forget how easy it was to go on and on about  hair experiences with ladies I  had never met that normal?
After the meeting Natural Nigerian and I went to the venue which is called The Life House. It was designed by the by the founder of . The place is BEAUTIFUL!! From the stone well to the bar... everything is beautiful!! Stepping into the building I could feel the love and effort she put into the decor.
 Fortunately, before we left, we had the rare opportunity of meeting the designer. Oh boy....I was blown away!! I've never  met anyone who is as passionate about Nigeria-and the Continent as a whole- like Ugoma Adegoke. Almost everything in and outside the building  was made/designed in Nigeria or in Africa.

...doesn't this remind you of a Nigerian masquerade?

Coconut oil...packaged and ready for sale

Bangles,bags, pillows, Coconut oil, dresses, beads,chairs, beaded bowls.... designed by Ugoma Adegoke.

 I just had to take pictures of the bathroom... The mirror was made from the sea shells that the designer and her husband (who has a real fro by the way) picked during one of their travels. LOVE, LOVE IT!!
I wish I could have those beautiful beads hanging on the bathroom wall....

mirror and basket...handmade with love from Africa...

...admiring the wood work while waiting for my drink 

...guess what's for lunch...OFADA RICE...chai...I fit pack live here forever!!

Sadly, I had to leave Lagos that same day....I won't go into too much detail but I can tell you that when I got home I asked myself the same question I ask my self after every new experience: what have you learned girl?. And the first words that came to mind were: Selfless Service, Patience and Humility.Thanks  Ladies for being so inspiring.

Back To Business....
So the Meet-up will be on the 19th of November at The Life House, No 33 Sinari Daranijo Street, off Younis Bashorun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos (the brown gate directly opposite Suzy Q club).
 -The lovely nutritionist; Sherese Ijewre of CaribbeanHealth&Nutrition will be talking to us about how our diet affects our hair,skin and general living
-The motivational speaker; Mrs. Ifeoma Williams   will also be at the event to boost our SELF-LOVE.
- Natural Nigerian, Screwyhairedgirl of Screwyhair and yours sincerely will also be at the meet- up.
There will be hard to find natural hair products on sale, a GIVEAWAY and...The Zebra boutique will be having SALES!! He^ would love that one, Shebi?
I hope to see you lovely Ladies at this event. Don't just bring yourselves...bring your friends, family and a little book to take down notes.
Much Love!!


  1. I am glad that you had a positive experience in Lagos.

    Lifehouse is a really lovely venue and it will give us the sort of artsy ambience that our event needs as a backdrop.

  2. Looking forward to learning so much at the meetup

  3. NN I couldn't agree more.
    Hi Ayaba! Me too. You think you know all that there is to know... then you meet others. I'm looking forward to seeing you o!

  4. Yeah, Life House is cool. Been there before. Every thing's natural. I will do every thing in my power to be there.

  5. Yay!! I'm going to meet the African Naturalista!! Love your blog!

  6. Ugh! I just found your blog today, and I sat and read every single post in under two hours! I'm so bummed that I won't be able to go the meetup in with you all. I'm going to be new to Lago (NYC transplant), and I would LOVE to meet other naturalistas in Naija. I'm a Makeup Artist, and I even wanted to offer makeovers :( Do you all think you'll do another one meetup in December?

  7. Hi Geri!!Thanks for spending time reading my blog. I feel honored!
    How could you break my heart in one sentence and then tempt me with a free makeover in the next...humph...well I forgive you and I'll let you in on a secret *whispering*...Natural Nigerian told me that there will be another meet up very,very soon.
    That's all I can say for now.Lord knows how much I wish you could come for this one.
    Hope to see you in Naija soon!! Much Love!!

  8. Woow, another one soon? When we have not even had the first? That is so cool. Now dancing galala

  9. I join you my Sister!! Abeg no miss this one believing another is coming up o. The turn out for this one determines the next. Peace & Blessings!

  10. @Africa Naturalista Girl, I'm dancing along with you, and I don't even know what galala is. Lol, see why we need to have another meetup soon? That way you could teach me.

    @Natmane You know, a lot more people might have even more time to attend a meetup in December since holidays and vacations are more likely to be in that month... just another reason why ya'll should have another meetup in December ;) Also Nne, have you guys thought of promoting the event on twitter (#NaijaNaturals/ #NattyNaijas / #LagosMeetup, just a few ideas lol), Facebook, blogs and even Youtube? That fabulous flyer and that AWESOME location needs to be seen.

    I was thinking of creating a FB page, or maybe sharing the flyer on Natural Hair and African groups on You could also let Leila on BlackgirlLonghair know about it...? What do you think?

  11. Beautiful profile Geri!! Your fro is HOT!!
    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to pass it on to NN. Please share the flyer and spread the word. The more people that know the better.
    Lagos is the birthplace of galala so don't worry we will teach you. Hurry up come o...we dey wait you!!

  12. ehhhnnnn, aba, so do you plan to have another event in Dec (between boxing day and Jan 10 to be exact?) :D

  13. Hmm.. I don enter trouble o:)...Please stay tuned Anon. Lets see how this one goes then I will let you know.
    Thanks for visiting! :)

  14. This renee anastasia davidenko of
    i would sincerely love to be part and parcel of all planning that has got to do with black chips rocking their natural locs. Y'all need to see mine. Just took out the weave, treating my hair n Love running my fingers through the thickness of those coils, a relish!!! Actually, i would also want to advertise this on my blog, do i have the permission of NN, Natmane and screw hair? Pray tell. Muchos gracias!

  15. Hi Renee!!
    Please do go ahead.Here's the link for the flyer.
    Thanks a lot! Your support means a lot to us. Heading over to your blog:)...

  16. Off subject, Geri A. your hair is actually amazing!

    Back on topic, The Kinky Apothecary and Leave In The Kinks will be having a meet-up/workshop in December, which Nat Mane has very kindly offered to publicize for us! Hope people can make it if they can't make the one tomorrow, and for the people coming tomorrow, really can't wait to meet other Nigerian Naturalistas!

  17. Hey. I didnt find out about this early enough to rearrange my plans but Im definitely interested in future meet ups. I also help my sis distribute her natural hair and body butter in Lagos (shes based in Abuja). I'd love to send some over for someone to win!

  18. Hi ICN!! I'm so sorry but this came a little too late. There will be another meet up coming up soon. Kinky Apothecary is hosting one and Natural Nigerian/ screwygirl will be hosting another next year. But could you please mail me more info about this butter. I am Abuja based and I think I should know more about your Sister and her product...abi?
    Thank YOU!!

  19. Thank you Kinky Apothecary for sharing o!
    Ehen...shey una hear ba? MEET UP IN DECEMBER!! YAY!!



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