Hi Ladies!!
If you are in Nigeria then you should be feeling the shift in weather (most especially if you are in the North). You wake up to cold foggy mornings and hot afternoons follow. As the days go by you should expect the dry, dusty harmattan season to push in full time.
Two weeks ago my hair began to act up. I washed it, deep conditioned it and sealed in moisture using my Shea butter mix. But by the next day- upon all the goodness- my hair turned dry!
I washed it twice in a week and the results were the same. I used water on my hair at night and even went as far as buying hair cream but the results were the same.
I decided to do some reading to find a solution to my problem. Fortunately,I stumbled on K is for kinks and found my magic oil: OLIVE OIL!!
How could I forget? O_0….I guess a lot was happening and my health was my priority so I completely forgot that what works for me during the rainy season hardly works during the harmattan season. All I needed was to change my oil and regimen.
If you have been reading my blog  you will notice that I have been trying to switch my regimen down to the simplest process. Reason is that I do not feel very happy spending a lot of time on my hair in one day.
Okay, back to the hair. So for the past weeks I had been washing my hair once in a week or bi-weekly. Deep conditioning after each wash, applying a leave in , my Shea butter mix (and later on just raw Shea butter) and then threading my hair.
I wore a lot of protective styles and when my hair got dry, I applied water (pure water), a little of my leave-in-conditioner, some oil and then braided my hair. I tied a satin scarf and went to bed. The next morning my hair will be so soft and moisturized; ready for styling. Most times I did not have the liver to spoil that soft feel so I would tie a head wrap (I think that’s my signature look. Most NYSC officials ask me about my gele when I have my hair out and ask me to tie it again “e fit you o” )
Fast forward: I kept on with this regimen until 2 week ago when the weather began to visibly change. Then wahala started. My hair just revolted against everything I used to do. Water made it dry, Shea butter made it oily and heavy ….I  got so  frustrated that I stated believing that the length of my hair was the cause  of my problem… maybe I should just cut it ba?
Then I found olive oil.

Day 1: Took down my braids applied olive oil to the hair strands and detangled using my fingers. I focused on my ends because they were super dry. I re-braided the hair, tied a satin scarf and went to bed.

Day 2: Applied a little oil to my edges and all the hair because it still felt a little dry. Then I tied a head wrap ( I tie my head wraps after tying a satin scarf first). When I got home, I touched my hair and it felt softer. My ends were not too coiled up. Hmmm….some progress.

Day 3: Applied little oil to my edges, my ends, then the whole hair. Wore a beanie and headed out. When I got home, I took down the braids and guess what my ends were not matted , each hair strand was minding its own business. They came apart easily and my hair did not feel dry at all o!! 

I was also happy because my hair was not heavy and oily. Remember ladies do not use too much product. Like we say in Nigeria; Small, small .
So yes, the solution was very simple: out with the old and in with the new.

 Lesson: When your hair starts to act up don’t get too frustrated by forcing it to do what you want it to do. What worked before might not work now. So find the culprit and delete. In other words be very open to change in your natural hair journey.

I love to hear from you lovely readers. So if you have a question please leave a comment. Thanks.
 Peace, Heart and Natural.



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