Tips from Anonym

Happy Sunday my  people!!
How una dey? I hope sey una dey kampe?
I will like to announce a new segment on DB&K called ‘Tips from Anonym’.  I have recently met with a couple of Natural Nigerian Sisters  who are kind enough to share their hair care tips and tricks. But when I ask for a picture or personal information they shy away. To give security to these lovely ladies (and hopefully gents) I have decided to create a segment called ‘TIPS FROM ANONYM’. Here, I will post hair care tips from random Naturals. If you are a reader and will like to share your tips or make constructive criticisms please feel free to send a mail to better illustration you can also take pictures of just your hair/hair style and send. 
As the popular saying goes, no man is an island so also can no one can claim exclusive knowledge on natural hair care. This is because we as people of African descent all have different hair types and textures (this is also true in Nigeria: not all Nigerians have the same hair type). Some of us have coarse hair while some have fine hair, some are tender heads and some are not. It is also a known fact that most of us have different hair patterns on one head. Therefore, It is my belief that if we come together and share our best hair care practices we can have more material for new and aspiring Naturals.
So keep those mails rolling in. Remember the key words here are CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (that is if you don’t agree with something posted on here).
Me ma, I hope to learn from una o!
Can’t wait to hear from you J….

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