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One of the problems we Natural Nigerians have is finding natural oils for our hair and skin but thanks to Vanity oils this will no longer be an issue. I was able to reach the owners of the brand and they sent us a list of available products, some advice on how to use these oils, and how to reach them. See below

Carrier Oils

These are base oils used to dilute essential oils. They help essential oils penetrate the hair and skin.
·         Aloe Vera Oil ……….N2,000
·         Almond (Sweet) Oil………N2,000
·         Avocado Oil………N2,000
·         Castor Oil………N2,000
·         Coconut Oil………N1,000
·         Grape Seed Oil………N2,000
·         Jojoba Oil………N3,000
·         Olive Oil………N1,500
·         Sunflower Oil………N1,500
·         Wheat Germ Oil………N2,500

Shea Butter (Unrefined)………N1, 000    

Essential Oils
These can be referred to as active ingredients as they are very potent. A little goes a long way so a few drops of an essential oil in your carrier oil is all you need. You can also add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner.
·         Cedar Wood Oil………N1,500
·         Cinnamon Oil………N1,500
·         Clary Sage Oil………N2,000
·         Eucalyptus Oil………N1,500
·         Lavender Oil………N2,000
·         Lemon Oil………N1,500
·         Lemongrass Oil………N1,500 
·         Peppermint Oil………N2,000
·         Rosemary Oil………N1,500
·         Tea Tree Oil………N1,500
·         Vitamin E Oil………N2,000
Dilute essential oils with carrier oils, one to three drops of the essential per tablespoon of the carrier.
Note: Oils should be kept out of the reach of children and undiluted oil should NOT be used on the skin.

 The  pink color of the bottles gives the oils that orange hue

How can I reach Vanity Oils…how can I get my favourite oil? 
You can contact Ekua & Tomi @ or you can call

I have a problem growing out my baby hairs and they seem to drop out when little stress is applied. I know that I place more emphasis on technique than on products but I have come across articles that claim that castor oil helps regenerate hair and prevent hair loss. So I’ll get mine from vanity oils and keep you guys posted on customer service and the product.


  1. Castor oil does work. I used some to help my edges and now you can't even tell I had hair loss on my edges.

  2. Really?!! Wow...I cant wait to get mine. Thanks Jem!!

  3. These look good. I have also heard MANY MANY good things about castor oil and hair growth. Thank you for sharing sis.


  4. I have plans to buy oils from Vanity oils in future, since we don't really have people selling this much variety

  5. Hello, I met u in Sahad Stores. U remember the sister who complained her natural hair was too strong. U told me u make some oils by urself, coconut oil for example. Can u make some for sale?

  6. Hi Sis. How can I forget you?! Hows the mane? I'm so sorry but I'm not in ABJ right now...I could have done some specially for you. I know that finding natural oils is a problem in ABJ so let me assure you that Ladies like Natural Nigerian and Ekua/Tomi of Vanity oils are trying their best to send these products our way. In the time being you can check Sahad stores for Coconut Oil. I bought a bottle for N1000 some months back. If no luck let me know and I'll get back to you ASAP! Blessings :)

  7. Hi. I'm happy to inform you that we deliver to all parts of the country now.
    Please contact us on for details.

  8. Hello, my mane, lol, is fine. I requested for some oils from VanityOils last week and I received them this morning. Nice packaging and fast delivery. It's good to know that via e-mail you can actually buy and sell in Nigeria. So I got the coconut oil from them which smells like roasted coconut such that I am tempted to drink it. For subsequent ones, I'll check sahad since its closer to home. I'll keep you posted about my relationship with these oils.
    Take care and thank you

  9. 3 Gbosa for Vanity Oils!! Another satisfied customer...Hope you know that Sahad isn't reliable when it comes to hair products so you better use this one well o.Until next time Sis...

  10. Hello, I have just sent a mail to your email and am yet to get a reply. I also called both line and no answer. I am in dire need of your coconut and avocado oils at wholesale rates since am buying in bulk. Thanks.

  11. Hello, I emailed you but did not get any reply, i also called both lines but were switched off. I need some of your oils.




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