Africa do you remember Franco Luambo from Zaire?

If you were born in the 80's like myself then you might have memories of "Mario". I have hunted for this song and no one had a clue about what I was talking about. Then I heard it on a radio station...what!! I ran downstairs shouting "Ma! Your song is playing on the radio...Mario!". I have memories of my Mom and Aunts dancing to this song.She used to rewind the tape over and over again listening to "Mario" over and over again....I dont think I ever got tired cause I loved it too:) 
It might not sound like it but the song is about a man who lives off older women.
If you want to know how popular this song was ask your parents or an African (especially someone from Central Africa) in his/her 30's,40's or 50's and see the reaction. Franco Luambo Makiadi was born in Zaire now the Democratic Republic of Congo. At age seven he built a rudimentary guitar that he played to attract customers to his mothers stall. He was such a good guitarist that he got the nickname "sorcerer of the guitar".He died on the 12th of October 1989. The government declared four days of national mourning which  state radio stations played nothing but his songs. RIP Franco. 

P.S: Please who knows where I can buy his album?


  1. My mum still goes crazy over this! I don't remember it being a hit but I have heard the stories from my mum, aunts, uncles, everyone older than me. lool I love Africans! I actually got the CD because I came to really like it.

  2. Hi Pelile! Nice to meet a fellow Franco Fan :) I wish I knew where to get my own copy...

  3. Hey, I actually have 4 albums.... do you want to me send them to you thru

  4. Wow...4!! You would do that for me? Thanks a million! So kind of you to help Pelile.That'll be a birthday present for my Mom:)
    Peace & Blessings!



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