MissJay tells what Man-Sanu is

Missjay a reader from Gombe State (Northern Nigeria) shares with us what Man-shanu is. If you read this post yesterday, you'll remember that I called man-shanu  mai shanu.  I was corrected and have made the necessary changes. So what is man shanu? 

"...actually called man-shanu, which translates to cow's butter in English. Mai shanu actually means herdsman!:)....man-shanu is basically ghee/butter. It's milk fat that's been separated from fresh milk, but hasn't been churned so it doesn't become "hard" like butter. It is EXCELLENT in food, and it's great for the skin and hair...you can probably use it to pre-poo if you don't want to smell like yogurt all day. At least you get some benefits!...."

Thank you Missjay! Sanu o...I throway salute for the help :)


  1. LOL! I came back for my daily dose of Natmane only to find this! I collect the salute well!

  2. ^_^....thanks for the support MissJay!!



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