Know the name for your gele (gaylay)?

Many of you might not know this but the Nigerian Gele (gaylay) has different styles and've got "Boy's- follow-me", "ceiling fan", "hand fan"....and many others. Some ladies tie them to be so outrageously wide that they cover everyone behind or beside them. Some churches even had to ban the gele at some point (the outrageously large ones).  

Lagbaja, a  Nigerian musician, wrote a song for the gele in which he listed some of the popular names ...enjoy!
Know any more styles? Please share with us...
Happy Weekends!!


  1. Boy follow me? Wow, I never knew that name o! Lol. But, I think I've heard of the others before...can't remember anymore for now though.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hahaha...I laughed when I hear that one o...there's also a hair style with the same name:)

  3. I watched this video twice. Boy, that's hot! Flamin' hot!! I love it!

  4. Ha^ha...happy you enjoyed it:) I'm sure you'll look great in our 'party' attire :)



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