Na wa for Indomie o...

This is a food related post.
Most of us late 80's and 90's babies have grown up loving Indomie. The company dey try sha as they have been coming up with new flavors to keep all Indomie monsters happy and interested. Anyways, I heard that the Indomie company had added a new size and I was shocked to actually see this huge packet in a store..oh boy...who fit chop one of these things...see trouble...
A bowl of the 210g Indomie of my fav. adverts on T.v
So how many Hungry Man Indomie packs can you finish?

1 comment:

  1. Indomie oh indomie!
    I remember the last time I went home I came back with a box of it...however i soon grew VERY tired of it and had to give the rest away..
    That big one na wa be joke at all.
    There are some indomie lovers




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