Pictures from Designer's Market Place Abuja

Who says there are no naturals in Abuja? I was invited to Citi park, Wuse 2, Abuja by my friend for a fair. I did'nt expect much, but I was impressed by what I saw. I was also happy to see a few natural heads in the crowd and most of them were happy to pose for the camera.
The first Vendor and her adorable little boy. 
Love her work and her friendly personality.  The clutch purse I'm holding looks like it was made from a CICAM fabric. Love it!

The Crowd

One of the her head wrap.
I was also happy to meet the very cute designer Bob-Ij. She was really friendly and I regret not going through her designs. Fortunately, she shared her blog address with me and I was able to see a bit of her work and from what I could see, her clothes are for the young Nigerian Lady...and they are really affordable. As you should know by now, I'm always for the creative and industrious Nigerian so I'm going to ask you to please support the Dione Mauvement.
And for hair inspiration form the beautiful Bob-Ij visit Bastile of Beauty
Talking with Bob-Ij (lady above) was the coolest brother at the event

Question: Is it just me or do most of the guys in Abuja look like Whiz-Kid clones. That man can get away with a crime by putting the blame on any of his twins. Sha, for me, this brother was the only one who stood out in the event(you dont have to say it, I know...I'm a bit biased, I noticed  his fro before his outfit).

Ms. Ukoh Valentina and her eclectic collection.  Everything was beautifully made.Thumbs up for you, Val!

Like those beaded baskets and the key holders...
and don't get me started about the bag...
Guess what that is....a mirror. I wanted to buy it but I had run out of cash by the time I got to her table :(
I have very limited information on how you can order items from her but I was able to get her BB Pin: 223B4606 and her fb address
Another Abj Curly. Love her curly fro and bubbly personality. I bought two hair accessories from her. The picture below is my sister wearing one of her creations. Hope to see more of you Sister!

...and more beautiful people...

My friend Dee and her friend.
Love her TWA
I want her skirt!!

My friend Dee and her Cousin. 
Thanks Dee for sticking with me all through the event and giving me the liver to ask people to pose for the camera:)

The event was great and I loved the time out with my friend. I've known her for about 10-11 years and there is never a dull moment with her.
Abuja people were their usual...'ABJ' selves and most of the vendors where great but  I noticed some things that need to change. In a subsequent post I will deal with the aspects  that need improvement . 
Till next time people, always remember that the growth of our Country and Continent lies in our hands. And because DB&K loves creative and industrious Africans, its always a joy to share the works of your hands with a wider audience. So don't be shy, take pictures of your work and send them to me at Peace!


  1. Glad I didn't attend that event. I would have left broke and in debt. I love artsy pieces...

    It is good to see Nigerians doing so well.

  2. Ha^ha...I know how you feel NN. The Lagos meet up taught me a good lesson though, never come with excess money to events like this. Come with just enough and wave bye-bye to the things you could not buy.

  3. Been to one of these last year, and I left d place completey broke, I love the creativity of the designers, my sis plans to show case her designs @ one of these markets, so look out for pk's African boutique.

  4. Ha! This looks like Brooklyn, NY to me! I fell in love with those big multi colored polka bags. I would have had to have two!

  5. So glad to see more natural girlies in Abj rocking their hair. :)

    I love your blog!

    P.S The good looking brother with the gorgeous fro is my cousin, brother, you name it. Lol


  6. totally missed it was down with fever... had fun last month and i got an ankara brooch.....

  7. Okay Rio. Please let me know when she'll be up so I can go looking for her.

    Hi Jazz Wife, I love those bags too. I'm saving up to get one or two myself:)

    Thanks Anon and say hi to cousin/brother for me:)

    Hi Chizzy. Hope you are feeling better oh. Don't worry, there's going to be another next month. Maybe I'll see you there. Please take care of yourself okay...take am small-small o

  8. You breack again my londoner heart with these pics LOL; I want her dress TOO! But so sad to not be part of it; You in Abuja know how to stay classy and having fun in the same time; Lucky You !

  9. Thank you Minasek! Don't worry, one of these days we will be honored to host you.

  10. Omg i look terrible in these pics..(1&2) *covers face*
    What's the update on the nitc meet-up in abuja?

  11. Please dont make me cry can you even say that? **in my scolding tone**
    I thought and still think you look great that's why your happy smile came first in the post.Please don't ever use the word 'terrible' when referring to yourself...ever! *_^
    To your question, NITC is still in the works. The major organizers can only make it in October, so you'll have to bear with us. Please give me 2 weeks and I'll try to have a post up.
    Thanks for visiting and stay beautiful!!



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