Product Find Nigeria: Natures Gentle Touch Herbalblend Intensive Leave-in-Conditioner (review)

Last week, I bought a bottle of Natures Gentle Touch leave-in-conditioner for N735 in Shoprite Abuja. I have heard so much about this product and I was excited to try it out. Please read on for my review...even though the picture of my hair says a lot.

"Provides instant continuous conditioning treatment for ultimate hair care. It restores, conditions and revitalizes normal to dry hair. Its light non-greasy formula preserve healthy balance and adds shine 24/7."

Aqua, PEG-12 dimethicone, polysorbate 20, glycereth-26, polyquaternium-44, hair keratin protein, Tricitum Vulgaris (wheat) gem oil, Simmonndsia Chinensis (jojoba) seed oil....among others.

My Review:
The first thing I noticed is that the product is water based and the second  is that it contains demethicone. So why did I still buy the product even when I could obviously see the letters C-O-N-E? Well, I see the advert and posters of the product in salons and stores, people have told me about it, plus I have read that some Naturals don't have a problem with why not try it out...after all na just N735 and if I no too like am, na to wash the product commot ...abi?...

Natures Gentle Touch Leave in On wet hair:- Applying the light conditioner to my hair was easy but unlike other thick leave-ins (like Giovanni's leave-in), it does not have enough slip to make detangling my tight coils easy.
- Secondly I do not like how the product feels on my wet hair. This made braiding somewhat uncomfortable...

Product on hair after it got dry:- Because the conditioner is 'light and non-greasy', it took my hair less time to get dry. I washed my hair at night, slept using a satin pillowcase (with my hair open) and by the next morning, my hair was dry.

-When I took down the threads my hair  felt sticky. The oil I used to seal in the moisture seemed to have done nothing as my hair felt dry...make that sticky and dry o_0.Remember that I air dried my hair!

-It gave me some definition (as seen in the picture above)but the dry/sticky feeling led me back to the bathroom to re-wash my hair.

Will I use the product again?
No,I'm sorry Natures Gentle Touch, but my natural mane does not like your herbalblend leave in conditioner. After using this product, I wonder what the hype is all about.

So this leads to a...
Give away:
If any of you ladies (who resides in Abuja) has used and loves this product, please send a mail to on how I can send the almost full bottle to you:)
Till next time,


  1. LOOOL.... oya send am to me make i use........

  2. Interesting. Just yesterday, I went to Nature's gentle Touch Institute because I'd heard so much about it.

    I had a hair analysis done and started a treatment for my dandruff. I will see what the results are over the next few weeks.

    I did see that Petrolatum was the first ingredient in the Anti-Dandruff Scalp Protector and went "Hmmm."

  3. HiChiz girl, send me your info and you can have it:)

    Hi Ore, na wa for all these companies o. They tel us 'organic' 'herbal' and we see something different. I'm not too conscious of what I put in my hair but I think they should say it like it is. Please stay in touch and send your review of that product to me o. I'll like to know how it went.
    Thanks for visiting.
    P.s I heard that a rinse made from dogonyaro leaves work well for dandruff.

    1. Oh my....
      I've been living in Nigeria for quite some time with my parents (but I'm leaving this country for good sometime this summer. I don't like it here.). Anyways, so, some months ago (around May), I was invited to the Natures Gentle Touch Institute around the time it had just opened. I was invited by a guy with a natural afro who was intrigued by how I care for my hair (and like I was a total mixtress back then and didn't use any commercial products).
      So, I was invited and I was supposed to go there and get whatever done for free. The stuff the guy gave me said, "natural hair care" on it so I was like, "that's good. People are actually caring about natural hair here and not just going 'relax your hair!' and stuff, so, I went down there and have to read what I thought. Check out my blog post on it:

  4. Pls help, Aw do I grow my natural hair? Tired of relaxers, any options on treatment and care will be appreciated. Thanx



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