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Hi ladies, 
I got a comment from a reader yesterday requesting for a tutorial on how to put medium/short length natural hair in a bun. It then occurred to me that quite a number of DBK readers are in the early stages of their journey and posting mainly pictures of my hair as it is today will be unfair. So let me take you back to 2010.
After my mini chop, the major problem I faced was styling. Even though I had only been permed for about 4 years, I was still as clueless as anyone who had been permed for the most part of her life. The only styles I knew that Naturals wore were braids, threading and wigs. But thanks to bloggers like Curlynikki and Natural Belle I began to try out other styles.
At the length above, my favorite style was the curly fro. I learnt how to do a roller set from one of my favorite Vloggers Mahogannycurls. This style was super easy to do and maintain. Instead of re-braiding at sleep time, all I had to do was tie a satin scarf as my hair was too short for a pineapple. The next morning, I'd apply very little oil and re-curl my hair using my fingers. My curly fro style could last for the whole week depending on how well I allowed it to set.
 Still in 2010

Towards the end of the year, my hair had grown longer and and although roller sets were still cute, seating under the dryer was taking much longer *_*. So I started looking for and trying out other simple styles.
At this length, my favorite hair style was the chunky braid/cornrow which I could keep in for the whole week. The first of the three pictures directly above shows my hair at the end of the week.

Another style I loved to do was the bun. Putting your medium/short length hair together using a ribbon is almost impossible. So instead of fighting a loosing battle why not try bobbin pins. I don't have a pictorial showing how I did the bun on short hair but I used the same method to get the bun below.
HOW TO: You need bobbin pins, coconut oil, and your fingers. Fluff and detangle your hair with your fingers (preferably). Then use the pins to hold down  hair as seen in the picture above (do this all round until you get a bun with your ends free). 
Lastly,take a section of the hair in the middle, smooth it(second pic. directly above), fold it in, and then pin it down. If your hair is shorter than mine (as in the pictorial) you might have more than 3 sections to fold in. 
Note that folding the hair in helps protect your ends from getting dry and/or knotted so you can leave it out if you want.

You can also try the style above on medium length hair. See Jemila's video  for a tutorial.

That's all for now. Styling your natural hair can be very easy, all you need is basic knowledge on how to care for it. If there is anything you do not understand or a question you would like answered please leave a comment below.
Till next time...
Happy weekend!!


  1. Thanks for sharing, especially that last video! I realize now that bobbin pins would really help for a lot of styles, and protect my ends too :)

  2. Jemila's video doesn't work,I mean its a pasted you tube.

    1. Hi Anon,
      I just watched the video on my blog (again) and it played fine. I don't think the problem is from DB&K.



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