Moisturize and leave it alone.

 We have come a long way:)
Happy New year people!
Late, shey?*_* Forgive my absence o. Whats been happening?Hmm...Nothing much... but the harmattan season is in full swing in some parts of the country and not so intense in other parts. So today,I would  address a question I have been getting frequently; "what do I do? Harmattan is breaking my hair!"
Some of you have sent me mails asking for my current regimen and I usually  share a few points. Please forgive me if my replies have not been as complicated as you would like but that's how it is; SIMPLE!! 
Chei, some of  long regimens I have in ehn...I envy your dedication o. But that's not for me. I wish I did, but I just don't have that much patience and time for my awesome mane *_^.
So for those of us who are struggling with hair care this harmattan season here's my regimen-you can use it or you can tweak it to your specifications:
Co-washing: For the harmattan season, I have been co-washing my hair using conditioners like VO5 Moisture Milks (N500)  and the seriously cheap TopKlass Instant Hair Conditioner (N350). Both products help keep my hair clean while leaving it soft and manageable. If you are so in to shampoos then you can replace your shampoos with Apple cider vinegar. Do a rinse with this to help cleanse your hair and scalp without having to deal with dry hair after washing.
For the my skin I use Dudu Osun and Shea butter, and the other products (including Sheabutter) are for the mane:) 

Deep Condition: I can not do without this step in the dry season because  the weather can get my hair so dry that it snaps with the slightest tug. You want to deep condition and properly moisturize your hair as often as possible these few months.

For me, my favorite and most accessible deep conditioners are:
  1. Aloe-conditioner mix: I add a little olive or coconut oil to a mixture of Aloe vera gel (from the plant) and conditioner. Mix, apply, leave on for some time (20mins and above), rinse off and style.
  2. Simple mix of conditioner (VO5 Moisture Milks or Hair fruits) and olive oil.
  3. Plain conditioner: Yes, this works too. Just co-wash and  leave on some conditioner for 10-20 mins. Rinse off and style.
French braids
Styling: After the above step, I apply my leave in (Herbal Essences Helohydration), detangle, apply coconut or olive oil (to seal in moisture) and finally apply Shea butter to the ends. I then braid my hair to stretch it out a bit. (Stretching helps make hair more manageable)

Keeping  hair moisturized: To keep my hair moisturized, all I need is some water and oil. If you have anything extra like Aloe Vera Juice, fine, include that. I put water in a spray bottle, spritz a bit on my hair, detangle and then smooth a light oil or butter on my hair, focusing on the ends. (Remember to work in sections)
 Moisturizing hair in sections

Why I prefer light oils and butter-mixtures during dry season:
Heavy hair butters, after application just seem to seat on the hair strands. They leave my hair feeling oily and sticky. Moisturizing hair (using water alone) when it is too oily can be a waste of time as the water just seats on the hair strands without having much effect. Light oils- like olive oil and coconut oil- on the other hand enter the hair shaft and don't leave my hair feeling too oily.
Like I always say, do you.  If your hair prefers heavy butters, work with that. But if your hair is  revolting, then you might want to try going easy on the products. Try something new.

My day to day styling regimen: I don't spray water on my hair everyday and I don't  wash my hair everyday. After stretching, my hair is usually in french braids, buns or single chunky braids. Moisturizing hair is done twice a week and if I can escape that, all the better (thanks to head wraps:))

Summary: Moisturize, style and leave it alone. Simple!

Note however, that there is a lot of dust in the air so you should wash your hair regularly. I wash weekly and when traveling, my head wraps go where I go (keeps the harmattan dust out)
Thats all for now, if you have any questions please leave a comment below.
 Till next time, Blessings!


  1. You have such beatiful, soft-looking hair! I also like to keep my regimen simple; both body and hair. I guess I'm a low maintance kind-of girl, when it comes to some things.

    I have dry hair, and scalp. My scalp usually flakes up. I tried washing my scalp with baking soda, and it works alright. What other things do you think I can use?

    One day, I'll see that your fine face ;)

    1. Thanks Sis!Hi5 o...low maintenance is the way to go. All the wash-with-this-and seat-down-with-that-one dey confuse person. To your question, I know very little about home remedies for scaly scalp. But if the baking soda is working for you why not stick to it while searching for something better. You could also send your question to Natural Nigeria. She seems to know a lot of simple remedies and herbs.
      Thanks for the comment!No worry, one of these days you will spy my 'fine face'. :)

    2. Lol! Likewise. I've also been curious about that FINE face oooooh. Anyway, we shall be patient...

    3. Lol...thank you my Sister. No worry, when the time comes, I would reveal the 'fine face':)

  2. Your hair is so pretty. It always looks so neat and soft. I totally agree with Oluwaseun.

  3. Seriously simplicity is key
    I like how your regimen is so simple
    I keep a very simple one myself

    1. You can say that again MsJB... Simplicity IS key. Please share the link with us if you do a post on your regimen. I'm sure we can learn a thing or two from you.

  4. wow, the first picture! a lioness? Did you get such stretched hair with simple plats or threading? it looks like you did a blow out. scarves are essential accessories to have when living in such an environment. I carry one around, use it when its too cold and windy. You use HHEH as a leave-in? I only use it as a DC or co-wash and shampoo it out of my hair the following week, because it has cones in it. I'm hesitant to use it as a leave-in but i'll try. I'm just not a fan of the smell.
    Btw, I started putting coconut oil on my ends after reading your previous post, and let me just say that my ends has never been smooth! Thank You

    1. are welcome Mane Captain! Glad it worked for you. As for the HHEH, my Sister na wetin man see na em e go use o. Finding natural hair products in Nigeria na wire! so I have to make do with what is available.

      Ha^ha...I like that *growl*

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. haha, na tru you talk o. Your hair doesn't mind sha. I say do your own thing. I'm on a mission to find a leave-in which my hair won't drink up in less than 24hrs. so i guess ill be trying as many products as i can afford, cones or no cones :)

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 TO YOU TOO!! I also noticed you were missing form action! You dey? [don't lauch at my pigdin :)]
    Your hair is FIERCE! Love it!
    You are right. I have been one of those in the past that have been into lengthy & complicated regimens but I have learnt SIMPLICITY is key. These days I also keep it soooo simple. My current regimen is actually really similar to yours. RESPECT to black soap, shea butter, & olive oil. Biko, na you. My hair loved heavy butters & olive oil but in SMALL portions. However, my hair never looks that smooth after a wash. Do you blow dry? (if you don't mind me asking)


    1. How I go laugh your pidgin? Abeg carry go my even add Igbo put!! You dey try o:) Thanks for the compliment..."fierce!" I like that too!
      I think you used the right phrase "small portions". Too much and you don enter battle!
      Do I blow dry? The most recent post should answer your question. Anyways sha, I've been more into braids and thread. Smoothing my hair with butter and oils after washing is what makes my hair look smooth. I'll hunt for a video on that and post it up for you and other Naturals like yourself.
      Thanks for stopping by Sister.

  6. Helloooo!! Did you get your Hello Hydration in Abuja??

    1. No, but Casabella sells. They are at Grand Plaza, Apo(shoprite plaza). I hear that Amigo at wuse 2 also sells but I haven't been there to check it out.

  7. Lovely hair Natmane, and post. Yes yes and yes, simplicity is the way to go. Totally agree with your thinking. Use what you can find locally and you'll still get gorgeous hair.
    I'm a recovering pj and have decided i'm no longer buying fancy and expensive products for my hair. Conditioners, oils, butter (shea, cocoa) and black soap are all i need.
    Yes o!.

  8. Hello,I'd like 2 no if I can wash ♍Ɣ already relaxed hair using dudu osun?

    1. Hi Anon,
      I see no reason why you can't. Dudu Osun is not as harsh as most shampoos so you can give it a try.

  9. hello Natmane, i love your hair (haircrush!) and i love ur blog, and i wld like to be updated whenever you post anything here, hw cn i go about that?



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