For the first time I dont miss my hair that much

 Its been weeks since I got my kinky twists done and I'm enjoying my lazy regimen. I dont have to worry about styling and frizz because the extensions give my hair deadlocked look.
 During the first two weeks all I did was wake up and style. The easiest and fastest way to style the twists my - apart from putting it up in a bun - was to...
  • French-braid/flat twist one side of my hair from the crown to the other side of my head (at the back).
  • Hold the loose ends with a ribbon.
  • French braid/flat twist the other side.
  • Remove the ribbon from the other flat twist/french braid, join the ends of both loose twists and hold the bundle with a ribbon to the side of your head.

After two weeks, it was time to wash my hair. For some reason 
I thought it would be a good idea to wash it in big braids but while washing I got tired of the extra work and washed everything together. 
After washing, I dabbed off the water with a towel and left the twists to air dry. When it was damp I put it up in a bun (to take the twists of my neck and face while it dried) and by day2 the twists were dry (see pic. below)
 Twists still looking good:)
 To get the look in the pic. above and the one immediately before I
  • Made a center part
  • Put the hair from the left and right in a ribbon and
  • Tuck the ends and the remaining twists from the back of my head in the center; under the ribbon. 
This is what my hair looks like now. Yes, it looks old but I still love it. On Thursday, while in traffic, my friend told me to look to my left "someone is trying to get your attention". The someone was a lady who had me roll down completely just to ask what extensions I used. "I love the way your hair looks" she said at the top of her voice. Several people have also asked if "its all my hair" Seriously, can't they see the roots where the real and the fake meet? Well I can't exactly blame them sha because some hair strands have come loose,the roots are frizzy, and my hair blends nicely with the kinky extensions.
Normally, I would have taken down the extensions by now but since I can see my hair, can wash it and inspect it for matting, I am good to go. I am also a very busy young lady -if i many say so - and this style seems to be the best for now! If care is not taken, I might carry it for one more month. And so my lazy mane regimen continues....


  1. I really like this look. It looks wonderful on you. By the way, I don't see it looking old at all. You've some more time with it . . . if you want it.

    1. Thank you JazzWife! I will keep the style in for one more month.

  2. lol, i'm surprised a fellow Nigerian would think this is your hair, since most have been led to believe Black hair can't be that long and full. My twists only lasted 3.5 weeks. i started missing my hair, but now it's out and I wan't to put it away again. The breakage and excessive dryness is too much. How about those morning and evening routines?
    Btw, I like old hair because they look more natural than freshly styled hair.

    1. I think you have said it; the older the hair gets the more natural it looks. The hair blending with the extensions can be deceiving. I don't have serious morning/evening regimens. All I do is put it up in a pineapple before I go to sleep, tie a scarf (if I feel like it) and snooze off. In the mornings I style and smooth my edges. Simple. Its rainy season so dryness is not an issue. I have taken some twists down and my hair still feels soft so I should be okay.

  3. Your hair really looks great. The older it gets the better it gets. Great style

  4. It looks great! Just did mine at the salon and I love it. However, the stylist said the Noble brand is the fake one and that the Royal Silk is the real one. I touched them both and the Noble one is definitely springy almost like rubber. I don't really like the feel of it. I'll make sure to buy Royal Silk next time!

    1. Thank you Nnenna, wish I could see your results:) Don't mind that stylist my sister. How can Noble be fake and Royal Silk be the real thing? Both brands have two different textures and are from two different companies. I have used the Royal Silk all of them stylists rave about and I didn't like it. Its not that it is a bad brand but my hair was very dry after I took the twists down (even after all the daily oil and water spritzing). I prefer Noble because it is longer (length) and the strands are thicker. The thickness allows me to use fewer strands that give me more realistic twists. Look above and see how the twists hang naturally. The other kinky extensions I have used are too light to get this effect. After twisting and soaking in hot water, the twists just hang unnaturally and I have to always put them up in a bun. Noble on the other hand gives the opposite effect allowing me wear it down. (Note that this requires technique. I have seen people use Noble extensions and when they leave the hair flying, it looks like hair that needs a trim).
      I think it is great that you intend to try a different brand next time. This would allow you to see the difference and pick a favorite.

  5. Hi! I made my hair in kinky twists also, its been 3weeks nw. I have not washed it, I did almst daily oil and water moisturising. I was worried about how my hair will dry if I wash it. I didn't want to wash it and then it wil start smelling. Please how do I take care of my hair in kinky twists.

    1. Hi,
      Washing kinky twists need not be a problem. For me,I wash using a conditioner and then rinse with warm water. The extensions are going to be dripping wet for sometime so you might want to wrap your hair in a towel till all the excess water has come off...then you can let hair air dry. When it is properly dry, you can continue with your daily spritzing.
      Hope this helps:)



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