Harmattan Hair care

Its harmattan and while my friends are crying over hair loss, I'm counting the few strands on my comb. The Nigerian thing to do in this season is to get more weaves on. The popular styles are; Ghana braids, weave-on, single braids, million braids, twisting, loose braids....e.t.c. All these styles are done with extensions. I was on this path for sometime and lost my hair line in no time. From my pics you can see my edges resurrect.... hallelujah!!
I remember going to my "customer" and paying her good money to get my hair done. Seating for hours was torture and loosening was depressing...most of my hair would have dropped off.
Naija ladies pls..

  • Do not allow beauticians come close to your hair with any comb that is not a wide tooth comb.
  • Do not use any oil that is not a natural oil. Go the market; Shea butter is cheap, buy some coconuts and make your own coconut oil, olive oil is cheap get a bottle.
  • Do not make excuses...deep condition your hair weekly.
  • Do not plait ghana braids. This style is a major cause of hair breakage. Trust me, this was my best style.
  • Do not apply direct heat your hair.
  • Do not plait million braids  if you are not going to cowash your hair at all.
  • Do not wash your braids with shampoo. You can't wash off the shampoo completely. Rather, wash your hair with a conditioner. This gets the job done and your hair stays soft even after taking the braids down
  • Do NOT put a relaxer and plait your hair immediately after.
There are so many hair care practices that do more harm than good. Stay tuned for the to do list. I'm happy to announce that I was able to put my mane in a bun on Sunday...yay!!
Receded hair line...2010

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