I'm thinking about getting my hair braided... A blogger advised that Kenakalon hair is the best for braiding.I really need a break.The dry harmattan season is over and dry season is gradually creeping in. Can't wear my fro out in the heat...well we'll see.
Have a blessed week!!


  1. I don't know if you've used a braider before but it's best to 'stretch' you hair before you get it done. When I did mine in Naija over the christmas, I had to tell the lady not to comb my hair in large fistfuls. For my daughter who's 6, I let the braider unravel the big twists as she went along and not all at once. I didn't want any major shrinkage that'd lead to unnecessary tugging

  2. Thanks for the advice. Yes, I have used a braider before and I have experienced the same problem. They refuse to listen or remember not to comb all my hair at once.

  3. Hi, it will be most helpful if you did a blog on this (braiding), and also where I can the kanekalon braids, I am new in Lagos, and growing out my not so TWA, and braids will help me a lot. Thanks for your blog, its great.

  4. Welcome to Nigeria Anon!!
    I'm in Abuja and don't know Lagos that well, but I know that you can get Kanekalon hair from the market and salons. Ask for Expression. That's the best in market. It cost N350 in Abuja but could be cheaper in Lagos. I'll post more info. tomorrow. Thanks for the complement:)



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