Wash day

I had not washed my hair in two weeks...hated the feel and smell of products. I had to wash my twists!! I washed my hair using the technique I learnt on the healthy hair and body blogspot.Started by braiding the twists in 5-7 parts.
   Then I poured water all over my hair and washed using a conditioner. I do not use shampoos when washing my braided or twisted hair because I don't feel like I can completely rinse off the shampoo. While washing, I massage the scalp and try not to manipulate the twisted strands. After washing , my hair started to frizz up so I sealed the ends with Shea butter and tied a silk scarf  to reduce frizz.

The next morning,when I took down the braids my hair was super curly (Pic above).This could be a new style. I used flexi rods to stretch it out though.... No matting and my hair is clean. The only down side is that it looks a little rough. My aunt says I can't wear it to work. I think I can...what do you think?


  1. looks nice although I wish I could see it without the flexirods, can't really tell if it can pass the test for work. If you're in naija, they're pretty fussy about freshly done roots/hair I guess it's cos it's expected that one can always get a braider. Nice blog you've got :)

  2. Thanks a million Anon!!^_^...You know Nigerians so well.I took the last picture while taking down the flexirods.



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