Change In Weather & Mane Protection

The dry harmattan season is over and the heat is in. It's so hot you want to take off your cool air...everything is hot!!! The weather is more intense in the Northern part of Nigeria where it gets as hot as 40 °C . My advice for Naturals in this season is to drink a lot of water even when the temptation for soda gets too strong to resist. With the change in weather comes a change in hair styles and regimen.In order of preference my best hair styles for this session are as follows;
  •  Braids and twists-Let your scalp breathe. Afros  are very uncomfortable in the heat and protective styles help protect your mane from the harsh weather. Deep condition, seal in moisture and protect your ends.
  • Buns- Buns are very easy to achieve and with good maintenance your ends should be protected. Buns are also ideal for this weather because your hair is taken away from your face and neck
  • Head ties- Although it gets very hot, head ties are ideal for the season. I plait my hair in big braids and tie my hair when I need to go out. I get back and take it scalp can breathe again.  Another plus is that my hair retains  moisture compared to when it is exposed to the sun. My advice is that you use light weight cotton or linen material.
  • My regimen will include washing, cowashing and deep conditioning my hair more frequently
  • Sealing in moisture using Shea butter, Coconut oil and maybe olive oil.
  • I will most definitely not oil my scalp with heavy oils or petroleum jelly. I've got light oils like my home made coconut oil and olive oil for that.
  •  Leave in conditioners that have water as an ingredient are a must have.
I've still got my braids on and my current regimen is to run water on my hands, wet my hair and seal in moisture by applying my Shea- Aloe  mix. Tie with a Satin Scarf and prepare for the day. When  I take down the scarf my hair is soft and my edges are sleeked down.
 What is your dry season hair regimen?. Please share.

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