Mama Africa

 In celebrating Women day I decided to celebrate the life of a Brown woman with a Deep heart. A Woman who fought for what she believed . Her courage has made a huge difference in the way most African women see themselves today. Lets celebrate the life of Mama Miriam Makeba!!. 
I grew up listening to her soulful voice ...She was and always will be an inspiration. Born in 1932 in South Africa, she first  drew the public's attention as a featured vocalist with the Manhattan Brothers in 1954. In Africa she is popularly known for her song "Pata Pata". She testified about aparthied before the United Nations in 1963 and this led to  her citizenship being revoked by the South African Government who refused her re-entry into her country.Not only was she a musician, she was a freedom fighter and a mother to many. Mama Africa worked closely with Gra├ža Machel-Mandela for children suffering from HIV/AIDS, child soldiers, and the physically handicapped . She sang until the day she died on November 10, 2008 when she suffered a heart attack while performing at a benefit concert in Italy supporting a writer.
Why do I love Mama Africa?
She was not just an African woman with a TWA;she was a woman with a deep heart for her continent, her country,  her people and their freedom. She was exiled from her country and even after she was called back home, she continued  the fight with her people.
As women we should not only define ourselves by what we look like,but should be concerned about our countries ,our government, our families, our children....our liberation,our growth...we all fight the same battles no matter how different they might look. We must learn to appreciate what our ancestors went through in their battle for freedom and equality and take advantage of what it has given us. Things might not be perfect now but together we can make their dream for us a reality.

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