Gone...but not for long.

...a few of my fav. ankara scarves.
Hi Readers!!
It's been fun having the leisure to blog, read, eat, sleep,visit...just generally do what I love to do without worrying about responsibilities. Well, my holiday is over and I'm going back to my place of primary assignment; Ibadan. I've packed up some of my favorite ankara fabrics to use for  turbans :). Today, in preparation for my journey, I washed my hair  and while it was still wet I threaded it (after applying my Shea butter mix).
For the next three weeks I plan on wearing turbans or simply putting up my hair in a  simple updo like in the pic. below. This was inspired by Jamila of Collegecurlies.
Natural hair might not be seen as fashionable in Nigeria, but whenever I wear simple styles like this I get a lot of unexpected complements . I think my Nigerian sisters just need to be shown that you can be natural, professional, and beautiful.

                            Just rinsed out the Natur vital color hair mask                    Threading on wet hair.
                                                          ...shrinkage ^_^  
That's all for now. Please leave comments... I love hearing from you. And if I don't reply to your comments immediately  no vex for me o (don't get angry). I will try my best to get back to you early enough. In the meantime stay BLESSED and remember NOT to stress the kinks!


  1. You have a great time, doll!! :) Love your hair and those beautiful fabrics!!


  2. How do you manage to put those lines so perfectly in your hair? You challenge me!

    Nice style.

    Ibadan is a nice sleepy town, you should have a good time there.

  3. Thanks Char!!
    Lol...thanks Natural Nigerian!! I get that a lot. My friends tell me that if they did'nt know me well they will think that I'm the woman in Nigerian folklore who takes down her head at night and plaits her hair.
    I just look in a mirror and patiently make the lines. You know, I learnt how to braid at age 7 and started plaiting my hair at age 10.So I've had years of practice.
    Yes,Ibadan is sleepy, boring and backward when compared to Abuja but I love it cause I get preferential treatment as a corper. Every one loves me!! Well...almost everyone sha ^_



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