Ayo shares her simple regimen...

Last week I met with a fellow Coper whose hair I had been admiring from afar. Ayo let me know that she has been natural for 11 years and has never regretted her decision to quit the perm. She knows next to nothing about natural hair blogs and I was really impressed that she found a regimen that worked for her in a time when there was no information on natural hair in Nigeria. After the initial “I love your hair and I love yours better” Ayo went on to share her basic hair care practices.

  1. Washing: Using one part of shampoo to two parts of conditioner I wash my hair bi-weekly. This leaves my hair clean,soft and easier to detangle.
  2. Deep conditioning: After washing I use Emily Millionaire Fertilizer as a deep conditioner.
  3. Styling: After deep-conditioning I part my damp hair into 4 sections, apply Morgan Pomade (pic. to the left), and then thread my hair using the rubber threads that you find in markets and salons. Threading straightens my hair and reduces knotting. When my hair gets dry I loosen the thread and comb it out using a wide tooth comb. I do not and will not advice anyone to use the “blue” tail combs because the bristles are too small and they “up-root” the hair.
  4. Heat styling: Before applying direct heat to my hair I apply oil (heat protectant) to my hair, then I comb it well using a wide tooth comb to remove the knots. After this, using a hot comb to straighten my hair is super easy. I do this once in a while or when I’ve been asked to by a friend getting married.

Favorite Products
My favorite products are: 
-Cheap conditioners like petals that cost three to four hundred Naira. They work just as good as the expensive ones.
-Wide tooth combs
-Morgan Pomade
-Rubber thread.
-Traditional wooden combs for sectioning hair.

Again, I say thanks to Ayo for sharing her straight forward regimen. I’ll also like to share that I have used Emily Millionaire  but I found that my Mayo mix worked better so I gave it out. Goes to show that what works for me might not for you and vice-versa. Emily Millionaire is a product that contains quite a number of natural ingredients and it is  available in markets and stores in Nigeria. So what do you think of Ayo's regimen?


  1. I enjoyed reading this. Her regimen is so simple and straight-forward.

  2. I'm not sure but I want to believe Emily Millionaire has petroleum based products, which I won't really want to deal with for now. Am I right in my assumption?

    As you said, what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander

  3. I love that picture! So cute with the hair sticking up. I also like to use cheap conditioners.

  4. Happy you found it interesting Ladies!!
    JenJen that's an old hair straightening technique called threading and like you and Ayo I have found cheap conditioners to work just as great as the expensive ones!
    AN maybe that's why my hair rejected the product. Anyways we must remember that Ayo knows next to nothing about hair blogs and the helpful/harmful ingredients found in hair products.

  5. I love a simple uncomplicated regimen. Less is definitely more.

  6. I know this thread is super old, but just wanted to add, Emily millionaire is 100% natural one of the first all natural made products in Nigeria. Its been around for years. Morgan Pomade yes does have some kind of petrolatum included, but has been around for years and a number of our grand mothers still use it and swear by it and they still have a full head of hair.....makes you think

    1. Good to know. Becos I had to buy an imitation of Emily millionaire called BOB(WC had petrolatum, yeah) when I xouldn't get it and it wasn't so good on my hair. I may try looking for it again because I'm almost finished my current deep conditioner and I'm trying to make my regimen as simple and natural as possible. Less is more, and we can definitely make use of what we have around us than running up and down for the most expensive hair products and oils.



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