I'm Weaved Up!!

Hi People!! Its been long...I know but I got so carried away with so many important things that my hair and blogging had to take  a back seat!! The dry harmattan weather has also not been making hair care easy as my hair gets dry and difficult to handle when I need it to behave. I made a moisturizer that worked wonders for me (more on this in another post) but I needed a style that will take my hands away from my hair.  During the weekend I started box braids but after an hour I got too tired and lazy to continue. So I dumped the idea and looked for more hair inspiration.

Remember T.Y Bello? Well she is the most popular fro head in Nigeria. I stumbled on a blog that spoke about her hair and guess what T.Y's hair is a weave!! Once a hair stylist she said :
" my motto for weaves is to make sure its as close to your hair as possible. If one has to ask what weave is that then you've failed" . Mm...I can already see the 'bad eye' my Naija sisters will give her over this..but that's her opinion and I gbadu  her... She said she uses Sleek Afro Cool but I could not find one...
So I bought Pro 10 which is the closest to hers  and did some major fluffing to make it look as natural as possible.
 It does not look as frizzy as I would like it to be but I'm hoping that it will poof up as the days go by. Because the hair is so big, I put it in 4-5 huge twists, tie a scarf and off to bed. In the mornings I spray my own hair with water and oil, fluff the fake and out I go.
Before the weave I:
Washed hair,
Deep conditioned,
and Braided.
I refused the let the stylist comb or part my hair using a comb. She used her fingers to create rough parts and...the rest you know.
A friend of mine could not believe I put a weave in my hair. He was like: WHY!! My little sister asked for a picture- she has never seen me in a weave...lol. This is the second time in my short twenty something years on earth.The first time, the weave lasted for 5days before I took it down I just hope I can keep this one o. Sha... all goes to show that you don't need to relax your hair before getting a weave my sisters. Natural hair is all about versatility. Just don't get hooked on the weave!


  1. Looks good! Sometimes you have to put a weave in to protect your hair. I like that you tried to find a weave closest to your natural hair texture.

  2. I am generally not a fan of weaves BUT I have to admit that I realy like this on you. I must applaud you on finding one that looks like your natural texture. (Don't tell anyone I said this! I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm going soft.) LOL! I think my main issue with weaves is a women's dependence on them (you address that in your blog entry) and the fact that most of them are NOT at all similar in texture to the hair that is already on our heads. If black women approached weaves like you and Y.T. Bello (I so agree with her about them looking undetectable!), I think we'd all have a far easier time with accepting our natural hair.

    Good post.

  3. Fluff the fake? Lol! Did you put it in yourself? You are so talented...

  4. Thank you JazzWife and I promise not to tell anyone:)
    NN I'm not that good o...although I was watching the stylists every move:)

  5. Wow!
    I love this on you.
    There is nothing wrong with wearing weaves and "fakes" sometimes as long as you don't start thinking that that the fakes look better than your natural hair.

  6. really looks good on u...

    i sometimes have to use wigs, braids and sometimes weaves to make the Mr happy- thats the compromise for going natural...

  7. Thanks Ladies!!
    Aloted I think it is really sweet of you to consider the Mr. and I completely agree with Bella although getting hooked on this will be a problem for me...I've come close to taking it off 3 times already:)

  8. i still cant figure out how women can keep weaves in such hot weather! my last weave was in summer 2010 in Beijing. The experience was so horrific I haven't fixed any more weave since then. I never knew my scalp can't tolerate the scorching heat and lack of air under all those hair! I have learned my lesson to NEVER cover my scalp after such incident. nevertheless i still managed my weave for 4wks, i just made sure i washed my scalp every week, to give me the short 1-2days relieve! The hair looks good though!

  9. Hi Curious Kinks! I understand what you mean.I find myself asking the same question. Some ladies keep this up for 2-3 months...hm!I salute them cause this is hard work. I wish I knew how to wash my hair without washing the whole thing.Well, I've given myself 1 more week of torture.

  10. The weave is lovely sis and it really suits you! There are times we find we need to cover up our hair for maximum protection! Love the texture of the weave too!


  11. Thanks Sis although the "cover up feels uncomfortable"

  12. I can imagine!! That's why I try to avoid weaves. By the way sis, I recently tagged you. Check out my blog for more info :)


  13. Ooh thanks Sis!...heading over...



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