Frolove: Yagazzie


  1. That's Yagazie? Isn't it? She looks smashing! I love the look

  2. Yes o...the one and only:)True talk my sister!

  3. I love that look and strive to have that kind of hair. Big, curly, and thick! Yum!

  4. Since you've already got the curly hair lets wait patiently for "hugeness":)

  5. *Long comment alert
    Hmmmm... That's how i snuck here when you put up this post just to read and go without dropping a comment o, only to scroll down and see your post about deep conditioning with mayo and olive oil under "you might also like".

    First off, I have relaxed hair but it's hardly ever "really" straight cos i love it too much to torture it plus i relax only 3-4 times a year. I thought i knew how to take care of my hair till i moved here only to find that common hair wash is $30, sew-in weaves are $80+ while glue-ins (which i never did in naija) are $40. Being the cheap skate that i am, i started gluing in weaves.

    The glueing in wasn't the problem, the fact that i was yanking them out barely 2weeks later was the disaster! Needless to say, my hair became weak and chop-chopish.

    I had washed my hair and was thinking about kukuma chopping of the relaxed part cos though my strands were weak, there were unusually strong but couldn't bring myself to cos i don't have the level of commitment required to take care of natural hair so i just sat there wondering... till i saw that post!

    I went to the fridge and grabbed my mayo, then substituted Organic Root Stimulator's "Nature's Shine" for Olive Oil (cos i didn't have it and wasn't in the mood to steppe out), mixed it all up, put it on for about 40 mins and WALAAAAA!!!

    I am never investing in a deep conditioner AGAIN! I couldn't just feel the difference, i could see it! Really really cool! Thanks alot for sharing, you saved my hair lol. God bless you

  6. p.s
    How often should i deep condition? Cos i'm fixing to stuck up on mayo, lol

    Secondly, what do you think about texture softeners/ texturizers? I don't exactly want to go natural but would love to move from relaxers to texturizers but don't know if it's a great idea.

    I'm really sorry about the long comment *covering face in shame* i had to share my testimony... Have i said thank you? what about God bless you? Oya, chop keez!

  7. Aw...thank you Dosh. So happy it worked for you and I really appreciate your comments. Nice to know that the post helped.
    Hmm...I'm not so sure about texturizers but my Mom used it and it was better than relaxers for her tender scalp. My friend also texturizes her hair and it seems healthy to me. But this I'll tell you, make sure you deep condition your hair properly after using those chemicals. When in dry weather I deep condition once a week but when I'm really busy I deep condition at least once in two weeks.
    Note, however that I don't always deep condition using Mayo. I could mix my conditioner with little olive oil, apply, and leave it on for as long as I want. I also use Natur Vital Hair Mask...both work just fine for me.
    Sad that you have to spend so much money on you hair...I think you need to watch more youtube videos for hair inspiration. Do you know that there are months when I actually spend less than N500 on my hair...I save a lot from knowing my hair and taking care of it myself.
    Before you switch please try and do as much research as you can on texturizers okay?
    Thanks again Sis!

  8. ok, i will. Thanks alot for your response, it's going to be really helpful to me :*



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