Getting the best results from your Screwy Hair Butter

If you've been to the updated Product Find page you’ll have noticed that Screwy Hair Butter now comes in 5 new fragrances:

Orange and Spice
Mango May Care
Peppy Peppermint
Juicy Fruity
Lavender Romance

Screwy Haired Girl (in the middle)at the last meet-up giving some hair advice.

To help us get the best results, Screwy Haired Girl shared some very useful tips to help us get the best from our butters.
“It’s always best to apply your Screwy Hair Butter after a wash. When I do a midweek ‘butter up’, I spray with a glycerine-water mix first, then work in the hair butter. Applying lots to the ends for protection. During the last meet-up my hair was really dry and hard because I got it washed in a salon and their water was probably hard. A few days after the meet-up, I did the above while doing smaller twists since I wanted a protective style for another couple of weeks. I did it before going to bed and the next morning my hair was amazingly soft!  
Because my hair butter has glycerine in it (which is a humectant), you can apply to dry hair too; when you’re outdoors, you’ll notice that it feels softer because the glycerine attracts moisture (I didn't put too much glycerin in the butter so your hair doesn’t totally shrink) but you'll get the best results from using the hair butter on damp hair 
During the dry season, I’d advice spritzing with water, especially if you’re in Abuja.  
Also, when your hair feels a little dry, try doing the above and sleeping in a shower cap. Depending on how warm the night is, the cap will either give you damp hair or just moisturized hair-either way, it will feel better and your ends will thank you.”

A braid out after using Screwy Hair Butter...the butter is very light so my hair didn't feel heavy at all.

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  1. You hair looks great! Funny thing is, I've never used hair butter for my hair...I might have to try this one. :)

  2. Thanks Sis! If you happen to be in Lag. just contact Screwy Haired Girl to get yours.

  3. Onyiye thank you o:) Your head-wrap is beautiful!

  4. hi Natmane, i live in abj hw much is the butter? and hw cn i get it pls?

    1. Hi Jennifer, I think you should contact Nike. Here's the link to her blog



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