Hair Inspiration: Oluwaseun of MyStyledExpressions

Introduce yourself. Who is Oluwaseun?
I’m a Nigerian, Yoruba to be specific. I live in the United States with my family. I’m a student studying Business Management. I’m a lover of all things beautiful. I’m a style obsessed human being! I love to look my best always. I’m fun, dependable, and creative. I love God with all my heart and try to live my life for Him! I’m a child of God!

What’s Your Hair Regimen?

Every other week I was my hair with shampoo:

  1.        First, I wet my entire hair/head with water, then I let it set in for some minutes until my hair absorbs most of the water.
  2.        Then, I put it in 8 sections of twist; it makes it easier for me to de-tangle.
  3.        I de-tangle from tip to root, and put in some bits of shampoo as I go on (I mix my shampoo with a bit of conditioner)
  4.        Comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb until it is smooth, then twist back up.
  5.        I then repeat steps 3 and 4 until all sections have been shampooed.
  6.        Lastly, I rinse out the shampoo thoroughly, pat dry with a t-shirt and moisturize!

Every other week I deep condition my hair using mayo, egg and conditioner:

  1.        First, I wet my entire hair/head with water, then let it set in for some minutes until my hair absorbs most of the water.
  2.        Then I put it in 8 sections of twists; it makes it easier for me to detangle
  3.        I detangle from tip to root, then put in the mayo mixture a bit at a time, and also detangle while the mayo mixture is in my hair. After that, I twist it back up.
  4.        I then repeat step number 3 until all sections have been saturated with the mayo mixture.
  5.        After all the steps are completed, I leave the mayo mixture in my hair for about 1-2 hours depending on what I’m doing.
  6.        Lastly, I rinse out the mayo mixture thoroughly, pat dry with a t-shirt and moisturize!

Weekly/Daily regimen:

  •          I put my hair in twist or cornrows before going to bed, every night. That prevents matting and breakage.
  •          In the mornings, I unravel the twists or cornrows, wet my hair with water, detangle, add some conditioner and oil, then let it air dry to achieve the ‘shrunken’ look.
  •          For hair styles with my natural hair, I do twist most of the time. Then I pin up the twists into desired style when needed. Once in a while, I rock a puff.
  •          I do braids/weaves at times, mostly curly ones though. When my braids/weave is in, I spray my hair with water and olive oil mixture everyday, if not every other day.

 Favorite Products:
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Vo5, Olive oil,  Morgan's Pomade, Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning repair cream, Aveda be Curly Conditioner, Aveda moisturizing shampoo.

Where can we find you?  

Any last words?
 I hope more naturals rock their hair in whatever state it may be in, whether short or not! Love your hair now and always!

NatMane: Who says we have to go through all that stress just to achieve a curly wash and go when we can do a shrunken fro in a short time and move on out!! Thanks for sharing Oluwaseun:)


  1. I follow her blogs and we both live in the same state. She's great!

  2. wow..
    Thank you for this. I just started my natural look and my hair is short..Now i know i'm in good company.

    Btw: what did you do to give your hair "body"?


  3. @ Jen, thank you! Yeah we cool is that?? :)

  4. @ Ms D, you're welcome!

    Well, when I do leave my hair out, I make sure to wet it, de-tangle and I apply the CANTU SHEA BUTTER LEAVE IN (pictured above) or I use the AVEDA BE CURLY; CURL ENHANCER. You can purchase that here:

    You can also use a favorite conditioner of yours and mix it with your favorite oil like olive oil and use on your hair and let dry.

    If you have any more questions, contact me at:

    Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. I am confused. Shebi Oluwaseun is also forever sweetly broken. They sure look so much alike.

    I love the fullness of her hair

  6. One and the same African Naturalista:)
    Dont we all envy the fullness of her hair...but I'm guessing that if we wear our hair in its shrunken state it just might look that full too since the hair strand will shrink and coil on itself...abi what do you think?

  7. @Ilola...yeah, it's me!! I'm also the blogger of MyStyledExpressions!

    Thank you!! :)

  8. I love her style! I'm transitioning to natural hair without the Big chop.



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