Hair Update

My People how una dey?!! I see new followers o.Much Love to you Ladies!! Welcome to DB&K!
It's been more than a week since I did a post on my hair. Ejo mabinu o (sorry)-my Yoruba is getting good:)
 In the last hair post, I did a review on Man-shanu . It's been 2 weeks-I think- after my first man-shanu deep conditioning treatment and below is  a picture of my hair after a week of chunky braids.What do you think? Is Man-shanu good or what:) My ends are not matted. 

Last weeks hairstyle:) I didn't go out like that o.I have my head ties ever ready:)
 My hair 2weeks ago

 ...after taking down the twist. I wore my hair like this for 3 more days before washing

My messy updo got some complements:)
I told you that I had been experiencing some breakage but after the treatment I've gone back to shedding and very little breakage. I keep my hair moisturized by spraying water on it when it gets dry. I then apply some coconut oil  to the whole hair and  very little  whipped Shea butter cream from The Kinky Apothecary to my ends. To get yours click on the link above to contact Nibi. The butter cost N1000.


  1. how did you get your plaits to look that stretched? did you braided them while wet? 80%dry or fully dry? I love all the hair styles btw!

  2. Hi Curious Kinks!! Thank you! Happy you love them:)
    To your question: After washing, I braid my hair and stretch the ends using flexirods.When my hair gets dry, I make neat sections and re-braid. That simple!

  3. I like that up do also. Your braids are shiny and pretty.

  4. You have beautiful hair! I really like the twists and updo! :)

  5. You have very pretty hair. I love it. I'm especially enamored by your braids and your twists. Very nice.



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