How I get smooth braids

If you are an old DB&K reader, then you'll know that I braid my hair myself most of the time. I get questions from Natural Ladies asking how I get the root of my braids looking smooth and the answer is really simple. Let me begin with the tools.

  • Comb for sectioning hair. In boarding house my plaiting partner and I used Bic biros:)

  • Wide tooth comb or Fingers  for detangling. I prefer wide tooth comb

  • Whipped Shea Butter. In harmattan/dry season I used Screwy Hair Butter and now I'm using the Kinky Apothecary Whipped Shea Butter Cream.

  • On Wet Hair:
    • Section hair into 2 or how you want the style to look. (Work in sections)
    • Cut out a small section.
    • Apply  light oil (Coconut/olive oil)
    • Apply Whipped Shea butter to the roots.
    • Smooth in the Shea butter.
    • Braid
    • After braiding the whole hair, tie a satin scarf and go to bed. 
    The braid in the third picture was done on wet hair.

    On Dry Hair:
    • Section hair according to style
    • Cut out section for braiding
    • Apply Shea butter to root of hair. I prefer to use the Kinky Apothecary because it has water.
    • Smooth in Butter.
    • Braid.
    • Tying a satin scarf is optional but it helps to get that smooth look.
    Braid in fifth picture was done on dry hair.
    So , you don't need gel to get smooth looking braids all you need is Shea butter and your satin scarf.



    If you have any questions please leave a comment in the comment box.


    1. do you mean dry stretched hair? I find it difficult to part my hair when it's dry, and that's what takes me the longest when I style. I love the style you have in your 5th picture! very creative and neat, since you did it yourself! I get so obsessed with having a clean parting! I guess practice makes perfect!

    2. Yes, I mean dry stretched hair. You can stretch your hair using flexi rods, roller sets,or by braiding your hair when it is wet.
      Hmmm....I wish I could see your hair. But if you have type 4 hair you want to prepare your hair before handling it dry. What I do is to properly detangle my hair when it is wet, apply a leave and immediately after I apply coconut oil and braid. Last week I followed the directions given by JC on BGLH and got good results(that's a post for another day). But I think that if your hair is properly detangled and stretched out after washing, its very easy to handle when it gets dry.
      Lastly, you need a good comb for sectioning, a little patience and some practice to get the perfect part:)
      Thanks for the complements. Blessings!

    3. You are very talented at braiding! Very pretty. I wish I could braid my hair.

    4. Thank you Jen!! The secret is interest, practice and patience!

    5. You hair looks healthyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I am super jealous of that.

    6. Really nice. Can I make an appointment for next Tuesday at 3pm? LOL. I've had cornrowing on my mind . . . especially today. So, this post is on point.

    7. Thanks 9jafoodie! Please don't be o:)I hope your journey is going on smoothly.
      Thanks JazzWife. Please let me know when you book your flight:)

    8. I wish I'd seen this when I was loose. Your braids are super neat. Mine always looked like a 5-yr old did them lol

      Your scalp looks nice and healthy, too. Great job.

    9. Thanks nappy headed black girl:)

    10. See o, theres nothing you can tell me, I believe you are talented and blessed by God.

      To cut a straight line on my hair is a big issue.

    11. Hahahah....if you say so my sister.



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