Pictures From Lagos Natural Hair Meet-up

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...returned home with Cocoa butter (gift from NN), Lale (henna from NN), Screwy Hair Butter (Citrus flavor-gift from Nike), a bangle (gift from Raly's Rubys), and a head-band, Kohwah bangles,and Ikeja earrings from Oste Accessories.
Thanks Natural Nigerian, Screwy Haired Girl and  Mrs Sherese (your Zobo is to fight for) I had a good time!!
 For more pictures visit O'naturals.


  1. wow, Love all the hairstyles in the pictures. Good turnout. great job! I hope everyone will PRACTICE what they have learned.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I really liked the hair accessories.

  3. I am sooo jalous i wish i was there;

  4. Curious Kinks I'll speak for myself... I'll try.

    Ooh It was fun Jen! Unfortunately you are too far. Could have sent you an ankara head-band

    @ Minasek wish you were here too:)
    Thanks for the comments Ladies!

  5. I had the very same reaction to these photos. I am sitting here in MA wishing I had been there. Thanks for posting the pictures; it is always really nice to see other naturals even if you are very far away.

  6. Aww....thankyou JazzWife. If you were here you would have stolen the show with your ling beautiful hair!

  7. Na wa oo, na you pack all the gift home. It was nice being there and nice seeing you.

  8. I owe you the cost of the Henna. We have to take care of our government pikins! ;)

  9. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Loved the hairstyles and accessories!

  10. Lol @ AN. My dear no be so o. I was sooo happy to see you again and I hope w can meet again very soon.

    Ha^ha...NN there's a reason why I bought it without you knowing ^_^. I knew you would say that. Thanks but I think you've spoilt me enough.

    Tinuke we sure had a lot of fun! The organizers did great and the audience was the best.

  11. Eh-ehn, so you people think you can just gather you full, natural hairs and be throwing meet-ups all over the place ba? *side eye*

    One a serious note though, I love how having natural hair makes you care for it better and it's cool how you guys keep throwing get toghethers and rubbing minds on what works best.

    Really cool!

  12. need to jealousy us o. We expect to see you at the next one.
    Thanks for the support girl!



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