Meet-Up Jist...see you tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day and I’m looking forward to meeting all of you. If you spot a dark brown lady with a fro and  nametag-Nat,  abeg walk up to me and say hi o (hopefully I’ll retain my smallee status so it shouldn't be hard to find meJ).

Yesterday, I visited three Nigerian natural hair blogs that  posted the meet-up flyer and the comments made me smile. I’m really excited that some of you have decided to come without your weaves on so I’m looking forward to seeing just how creative you are. If you  jam rock while trying to get over creative with the mane, abegy no worry jare… fluff your fro and show up with a happy face. The important thing be say you show.

Ehen, before I forget… I just got word from Natural Nigerian: There will be a drop in the prices of  products available at the meet-up! NN says...
“When we started retailing products, we wanted to offer them at prices that were affordable while maintaining the quality of the goods we had on offer.
This proved to be difficult because of the inhibitive price of shipping these products to Nigeria. At a little over $3 per pound, it made everything more expensive than earlier anticipated. However, we were recently able to strike a deal that assured that the price of shipping would reduce drastically. This has allowed us to drop prices substantially!
The debut of this price cut will be the “Naturalsin the City 2
 Ehn, I know, na that one you go like pass… awoof J. Me sef, I dey dance alanta...
 Don’t forget that there will also be a giveaway. So bring yourself, your friends, your relatives, and those that laugh at your decision to go natural. Hopefully, the naysayers will be more understanding after the eventJ

 Note that this meet-up is not just for natural Ladies. If you have relaxed hair please feel free to come o. There’s no such thing as team natural/team relaxer for here. Remember: the theme is hair loss. Until tomorrow….Peace, Love & Natural!!     

Some of the words and phrases used in this post are in Pigin English indigenous to Nigeria (other African Countries have their own unique way of speaking English in Pigin). To get the meaning of anything you don't understand, please leave a question in the comment box :)


  1. Yes o, see you there.
    I hope you saw the flyer on my blog

  2. Yes I did. Big appreciation for the PR:)

  3. When's the next meetup? Would love to be there.

  4. Hi Madam Chef! Prepare yourself...Natural Nigerian and Screwy haired Girl are already planning one for next month! So stay tuned.



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