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My name is Jennifer but most people call me Jen. I want to thank Nat for featuring me on her blog! I decided to go natural one year ago in March 2011. I didn’t go natural because I was in love with my curly hair. I went natural because my last relaxer caused me to lose a lot of hair. I’m not talking just a few strands; handfuls of hair fell out of my head. Some of it I know is permanent, but with grace I am praying I get my full head of hair back. I’m blessed because I didn’t lose as much as I could have and most of it has returned. Last March, with no knowledge of what natural was, I decided to never relax my hair again, making my first step in my natural journey.
Jen with relaxed hair
I did what any reasonable person would do, I did my research. Hello Google. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of women are deciding to go against society and its norms to wear their hair in its natural state. I’ve realised that this journey is as much mental as physical, watching your hair change and your appearance evolve with your new curly state. I had to change my standard of what beauty is and embrace my own beauty by my standard, not society’s standard.
I had that moment where everything became clear to me. God made me the way I am and I’m beautiful in His eyes! That should be sufficient, but I’m only human. I am blessed that He gave me my wonderful husband who has been my biggest cheerleader. The day I told him I was going natural; he got up from watching his baseball game and kissed me! He then said “finally”! Wow, a girl can’t ask for a better response. So began my transitioning and then on August 8, 2011 I went to my stylist and told her to cut it all off. Yep, I did the big chop! Let me tell you the kind of guts it takes to cut it all off.

In the beginning my family (mostly my mother and older brother) told me often that I was crazy. My older brother just couldn’t understand why I cut all my hair off. I look at it like this, hair grows like a garden and sometimes you plant in the wrong place. Maybe the soil is poor or the light isn’t right. So, you may need to go into your garden and uproot everything in order to get all the plants in the right place. Basically, your garden is being started all over again and you won’t see any results for a while. It may even take a couple of seasons before the garden flourishes. That’s what my big chop is like. I cut off all the unhealthy lifeless hair that broke off whenever I touched it and it was liberating!

I’m continuing on my journey and I have no regrets! The best advice I can give someone who is transitioning or thinking about going natural is to get a support system. If the people in your life don’t support you seek support elsewhere. Blogging has supported me so much and connecting with other naturals all over the world is inspiring and eye opening. I didn’t know what I was lacking until others opened my eyes. My second bit of advice is to pray, pray, and pray some more! God loves you for who you are and you are beautiful in His eyes! Shedding the chains that society has shackled us in is hard, but the freedom is joyous. Yes, some days are hard, but nothing that really matters is easy. When you are down count your blessings! To get more information about my journey visit me at

Blessings from Jen in Minnesota, USA!

Nat: Thank you Jen, for sharing your story with us Nigerian Naturals! I wish I read more inspiring stories like this when  I began my hair journey... Going natural  isn't easy but once you overcome the first stage of finding acceptance within yourself, all should be fine. Lastly, remember to do your research. No one blogger knows it all.


  1. This is so encouraging and inspiring. Thanks Natmane for featuring JenJen and thanks Jen for allowing yourself to be featured!! You look GREAT in these pictures.

  2. I love Jen's blog and her hair journey! Great feature!

  3. Nat, thank you for the feature!

  4. What an inspiring story!! Thank you for sharing Jen & thank you Nat! You are write, nothing good comes easy.
    You hair is gorgeous & your daughter is so beautiful.
    God bless you sisters!


  5. Thank you ladies so much! I want to clarify that the little girl is my niece. She was two at the time of the picture. She is now 6 and I have a 2 year old son.

  6. Thanks for the comments Ladies! Please dont thank me but Jen for the inspiration :)



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