Yarn Braids Update

 Its been 3 weeks since I got my braids done and I've been enjoying the freedom. No daily styling; just spray water/coconut oil , and move( haven't had the time to buy another bottle of Olive Oil). The last 4 weeks have been really hot so I'm grateful for my chunky braids-my scalp gets to breathe.
The braids don't look as neat as when it was newly done because I spray water/coconut oil  on it  but my friends like it cause it looks more natural.Anyways I plan on wearing this for a month or more to give the mane some rest ( hope I don't loosen it anytime before like I always do J)
 I have told  some  Nigerian readers that I have tight coils like most of them, but they refuse to believe. I guess it's because they see my hair after its been stretched out and not after water has touched it like in the pictures above. 

My current regimen

  •  Every 2-3 days: spray water/coconut oil on the braids.
  • Apply little Screwy Hair Butter (Juicy Fruity) to the hair sticking out of the yarn.
  •  Oil  scalp with castor oil weekly(focusing on the edges) and
  • Co-wash hair when it feels dry or dirty.

That's all for now. Remember to enjoy your natural journey and if you have any questions please send a mail to eskinks@gmail.com so we can help.


  1. Looks great sis!!
    One more month sounds good but I understand you, I always miss my hair. You have tried oo. When I had box braids, they only lasted 5 weeks.


  2. Thanks Funbi!
    Hm! This is the first time I'm keeping a style this long. I'll congratulate myself if I keep a style for 5 weeks...after 2 weeks I want my hair back. Well, with the yarn braids I have no excuse so I'll try my best to keep my hands off my hair.

  3. I have to agree with your friends. Your yarn braids do look very natural. They look wonderful! And congratulations to you for the style longevity . . . I understand the feeling of triumph!!

  4. Thank you Jen!
    JazzWife, you understand my joy...I have never kept a style for more than 3 weeks:)

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous, and my box braids have only lasted 4weeks really wanted them in longer!

  6. Thanks Tahrina. It took a lot for me to keep the style in for more than 3 weeks but when it's time to take it down, its best you do to avoid matting.



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