Hair Inspiration: Nse Ikpe Etim's Deedee (French Braids)

If I were to wear my hair out like this, my friends might  deny me. Its great to see Nigerian celebrities like Nse wearing their natural hair and showing Nigerians just how beautiful we can look in the  'mama-Iyabo' styles that we have forsaken over time.


  1. I saw her at the palms a few days ago. She's so pretty! She had little twists in her hair. Loved it!

  2. Her hair looks great! Your friends need to expand their idea of beauty.

  3. I think being able to wear our hair in its natural state in Nigeria all balls down to confidence. I have been natural for a year and some months and some of my siblings just don't seem to get it! I wear my hair in its loudest state (huge Afro) and you can't help but notice me. Apart from the fact that my hubby adores the life out of my hair, most guys are so complimentary about its state that it seems to leave most women I run into gobsmaked LOL! I mean if more guys love my look when then does it say about their wigs and weaves.

    Anyway, like I said possibly its my 'back off it's my hair not yours' attitude that may be the clincher.

    PS: I love Nse!!

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  5. Awesome!! Now to find the courage to rock this type of hair outside...

  6. Hi Miss Fizz!! Really? You could have taken a picture of her...We Naija naturals need all the hair inspiration we can get:)

    JenJen, thats what we bloggers are working on:). We Nigerian Ladies, not just my friends, need to expand our idea of beauty.

    Hi Klach! I completely agree with you. It all boils down to your attitude. When I newly went natural I got a lot of ugly comments about my hair. But when I found the courage to ignore people and walk like I was proud of my mane, I got great complements.Weird right? But I guess people see us the way we really see ourselves. These days, I still get the occasional negativity but most times the mane brings much attention that I deliberately wear head wraps on days I want to be left alone:)

    Anon, I'm with you o. I've already planned to wear deedee after I take down my loose twists. Bone all the negativity...thats if I will get any-_0

  7. Wow! I respect her. It takes alot of courage and self confidence to pull that off because people are so mean and some will even make rude remarks to her face.

    Really, really cool

  8. Hm! Abeg, look her face well my sister. You sure sey you get liver tell her sey you fine pass her? The Lady is working her deedee with too much attitude.

  9. Okay, I know that we are talking about her hair. Lovely. But, excuse me? That dress is killin'. I would wear that dress with my hair in a gigantic curly fro and make people's eye pop out. Girl, its not just in Nigeria. Ladies right here in the States need a healing, too. Let's pray for beauty expansion for all black women. We all need it. All of us bloggers have a LOT of work to do.

  10. I love this courage. This is what a typical me would do.

  11. I love that dress to the whole look.
    Lol.. AN, I can imagine working this style with attitude:)

  12. So inspired to make this style... she looks stunning ... ☺



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