Batch B Corp Members Are You Good To Go?!


By this time last year, I was waiting for the Nigerian Youth Corp Service to post me to a 'favorable' part of Nigeria for my one year of compulsory service to Nigeria. Favorable to me meant anywhere near home and fortunately, I got posted out of my comfort zone. I was really sad but it took some scolding from my elder brother for me to grab the oppurtunity and learn to live parents, no siblings, no Uncle, no Aunts...just me, myself and the new friends I'll make.
So I packed up the essentials and headed over to Ibadan to report at Iseyin Camp for the compulsory 3 weeks of paramilitary training. I remember the day I was leaving home with my stuff and my Dad was like; 'where are you taking all that to. Would you not be coming back home after camp?'. Yes, apart from the other things ex-corp members advised me to report with, I took a blanket, sweaters, socks, and books. I mean we can't walk ropes all day , can we?^_^ 
Anyways,I refused to leave anything but I felt really stupid pulling all my stuff into camp. As I struggled with my box (and another bag of provisions *shamefaced*), I noticed  four soldiers laughing at my friend and I (my friend who also came in from Abuja, had a bigger box than mine). One of them called us and asked:' Otondo (white chicken), where una dey drag all that load to? Abi your camp na one month'. Well, I'm going to stay in Oyo state for 4 weeks before going back home, what do you think I was  thinking? It was at that point that I looked around and noticed that most of the other Corpers packed light. Oh well, better to have my Kaya with me than to wish I had it.
 Well into the first week, I was grateful that I didn't leave anything at home because Iseyin was cold. It rained a lot and my sweaters ,extra socks and shoes came in handy. Waking up as early as 3:00 am to have your bath with cold water and then proceed to run up and down in the cold with some Man o'war fellow yelling at you is no fun. Especially when you have very little body fat to spare.
To cut the story short, I finished camp successfully (with a cold) and got posted to a government parastatal where I spent the rest of my service year.
     Rainy Days...                                            Bodija, Ibadan. 
My days in Ibadan are almost up and while I appreciate the time given me by the Constitution to grow up and understand Naija better, I just want to go home! I miss my family, I miss my friends and I miss Abuja.  
I've learnt a lot from this experience and there's still so much that I'll like to share with you but that will have to wait for another post. Till next time, Nigeria we hail thee!  


  1. lol... glad ure almost done..☺

  2. Wow! That's such an interesting experience. I'm sure you learned some life lessons from that, haha.

    I over packed most times I go away from home, so I understand you! :)

    Waiting to read more about your service, and thanks for sharing!

  3. I am also passing out of service...yayyy! for us :)

  4. Congratulations - the end is here. Now on to the next phase of your life.

  5. at least you didn't get posted wayyyy out of your comfort zone like in a village somewhere with no infrastructure, let alone internet. i still don't understand why graduates do NYSC. all the best to you

  6. Thanks Ladies! I really appreciate the comments.
    Congratulations to my girl Onyiye. And Curious Kinks,you talk true o. But I'm sure that if I was posted to some village I would have had no choice but to stay put and prove to myself that I can survive no matter what. Being in Ibadan hasn't been all fun. I fell ill thrice and had no one but myself and God to rely on, I have had issues with the NYSC because someone refused to do his job e.t.c...but all in all, I like to believe say I don try!! As to why graduates do NYSC, I will do a post on that.
    Natural Nigerian I hope I have what it takes to conquer the next phase o ^



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