Trying to get the perfect Cocoa Butter Mix

Hi People,
Has any one  ever used Cocoa butter in place of Shea butter as a sealant? Like most naturals, I have been using Shea butter for a long time now and the major complaints I get from other Naturals about Shea butter is that it sometimes leaves the hair feeling sticky and heavy.   
Why continue to use it inspite of this? 
For me it was really simple, once I mixed Shea butter with coconut oil and Olive oil and found the right amount that my hair needed,  I was able to do  away with the heaviness and reap the benefits of Shea butter as a sealant.
So why try Cocoa butter when my Shea butter mix works fine?
Well, a reader on advised me to try it and since I had a free sample from Natural Nigerian who sells export quality by the way (thank you NN!) why not try something new.Abi?

First Impressions

  1. It looks like Shea butter
  2. It smells like CHOCOLATE
  3. It's a bit harder than Shea butter
  4. It is not as heavy as Shea butter:- When compared to Shea butter, Cocoa butter is much more lighter on the hair . 

Getting the right mix...

First, I put some Cocoa butter in a bowl and melted it using hot water as shown below.

After that, I let it seat and by the second day, when it had completely thickened, it was hard again. But not as hard as it was before melting.
From my cocoa butter "experiments", I've found that unlike shea butter, Cocoa butter takes a much longer time to thicken after melting.I'm thinking that the weather is to blame for the length of time it currently takes to thicken up but since I have not tried this out in the dry and harmattan season, I can't say for sure.

Cocoa butter and Coconut oil

Next, I tried mixing cocoa butter with coconut oil (thanks VanityOils! I love my coconut oil). I poured some coconut oil into the hard raw cocoa butter and  put the bowl into a bowl of hot water so that the cocoa butter could melt and mix with the coconut oil.
I then put the mix in the fridge-cause I was impatient- and took it out after 45 mins.Oops...too long. The butter mix was hard! So I let it sleep overnight, and by the next morning, it looked like this...(see picture below)
It had little cocoa butter balls and the coconut oil kind of stood out on its own 0_o. So I whipped up the stuff and  ended up with something that looked like a cake mixture (see pic. below)
I was so happy with the results that I rushed to apply some on the ends on my just washed hair. Application was super easy and the mix smells like chocolate! Love it!!

Sadly, by the next morning my cocoa butter and coconut oil mix was hard again...

The mix might not be as hard as the raw thing but I wish it stayed as soft as it was the previous day. Fortunately the little balls stayed away and application is still easy.
I think I'll add more coconut oil and some Olive oil next time. Abi what do you think?

 Cocoa butter and Jojoba Oil


Finally,in an attempt to make a lip balm I mixed some cocoa butter with lots of jojoba oil and little sugar . Although the sugar did not completely dissolve (it settled at the bottom of the container) the jojoba oil and cocoa butter went well together and the mixture stayed soft.

So I'm asking, has any one ever used cocoa butter before? How and what did you mix it with to get the best results?
Thanks in advance for your contributions, I would really love to hear from you.

Ehn... and before una begin to ask NECO question, make you transfer to the PRODUCT FIND page above for information on how you fit catch Natural Nigerian to get your own 'shocolate butter'. And if you dey Abuja, I get  better amebo for you o: Natural Nigerian will be coming over in September! Yayy!! Abegy make una bring out rice make we perfect our masa making skills for our September visitor... 


  1. I have only used cocoa butter on stretch marks. I loved it on my skin, but found it a little hard to smooth.

  2. Seems I'm some steps ahead of you Jen-Jen:) Hopefully we will find someone who knows best.And since I dont have much to play with I will postpone trying it on my skin. Thanks Jen!

  3. Okay, so maybe I will be trying this out soon.

  4. Please do and share your results.

  5. I have used Oyin Whipped pudding which is a mix of Cocoa butter, shea butter , castor oil and aloe vera gel. I use this as a moisturizer from head to toe. I have twisted with it as well. I think you just have to find the right blend. Cocoa butter has always been an awesome choice for moisturizing skin.

  6. Wow! Thanks Vetsnatural! Fortunately, I have everything mentioned except aloe vera gel(I don't want to use the one that comes straight from the plant) Once I get some, I'll mix it up and give an update. Thanks again!

  7. I have used cocoa butter when I was at the height of my mixologist stage. I still have some in my cabinet anytime I get the whim. My last recipe was a mix of cocoa butter and shea butter with other oils for smoothing. For me, it was difficult to work with so I've not been adventurous enough to try it again, especially because I am not a fan of the smell of chocolate in my hair or elsewhere.

    I know . . . I'm weird!

  8. Lol...I understand you JazzWife.But wouldnt the chocolate smell reduce when the other oils/butter are more than the cocoa butter?



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