Product Find Abuja: Bibi Naturals

I've got some good news for Abuja naturals. Ever heard of Bibi Naturals? Well,early this week, I had the opportunity of meeting the owner of the brand for something that will also excite you Ladies (that's gist for later).
Chioma of, the owner of Bibi Naturals, told me that her products have been in the Abuja market for some time now, but for some reason, yours faithfully only just heard about her (thanks to Natural Nigerian).Chioma makes Body Butters, Hair Butters, Coconut Oil,Lip Balm, and packages Cocoa butter.

 After our meeting, she gave me a free sample of her Coconut oil and Lip balm to try out (thanks Chioma)...mmm,
make una no jelous me o...:)

Whipped Butter made with Bibi Naturals Coconut Oil

From the smell, I could tell that Bibi Naturals Coconut Oil is unadulterated. For a second and third opinion I went to  Mom and Dad and from the smell they could tell it was the raw thing.
Since Mom loved the smell and packaging, I thought it fair that she be the first to use it. So I made some whipped Shea butter for her using: Bibi Naturals Coconut Oil, Shea Butter from Kwali Market,  Goya Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter from Ahia Market, and Castor Oil from Vanity Oils...Hmmm... I love that all tins dey Naija!

How To Get Yours...
You can place your orders by sending an email to chiomah@gmailcom. I have also been informed that her products can be found in two stores in Wuse 2, Abuja. Once I get information on that you will be the first to know.
Oh, and before I run off, you can get both the Lip balm and Coconut oil for N1000.
Like I said, more information on this brand will be up very soon, so  stay tuned.
Later, people!


  1. Yay, thanks for featuring Bibi Naturals! Chioma is my big sis (so proud of her!) and the brand is named after our beloved mother. As a personal testimonial, I've been using Bibi Naturals Shea Hair & Body Butter on my skin everyday for about a year now, and it's definitely been really beneficial - my skin is smoother and softer and less prone to irritation (I have very sensitive skin). Also, my stretch marks aren't as visible as they used to be.

  2. Hi, Chioma's Sister!! Who won't be proud to have someone like your Sister in the family? She is so industrious and a big inspiration!
    Hm..., those butters must be great o! I already love my lip balm and cant wait for the new batch.
    Thanks for sharing your results with us and thanks for visiting!

  3. Bibi Naturals are simply heavenly! Great concept..great products. Yours skin, scalp, hair and lips will testify!
    Big ups Chioma..finally a proudly naija products naturals like me (and everyone too) can be proud of. And very pocket-friendly too. Blessings...

  4. I panic when I'm running out of my Bibi Natural being I don't live in Nigeria but Chioma always sees to it I get mine somehow. The product has been great on my daughter's hair which had struggled to grow but is now doing much better. Her sensitive scalp no more breaks out in rashes but is now healthy. Now you know why I panic when running out. Chioma has done well and I'll always be proud of her contribution in enhancing the beauty of the african woman.

  5. Nice one Chioma, this just the beginning, the sky is your stepping stone. I can testify to how nice Bibi natural is to both body and hair, though I haven't used the lip balm, I can only but imagine the softness it will bring to the lips. Once you try this product, there's no going back cos you skin will feel like that of a baby and your hair will be so silky and soft.

  6. about great reviews! Thanks for sharing Ladies, I'm sure your comments would help prospective customers. Thanks again and I'm really happy that Bibi Naturals crosses our borders!

  7. Thanks for sharing this awesome products. I use it on myself and also my daughter. My hubby have even started taking from our share I love love the coconut oil because that is why I use to pre poo my hair before washing...... Love the whipped nature of the Shea butter.

  8. My daughter's skin has never been this good, thanks to Bibi Natural's whipped Shea butter. She has very sensitive dry skin and i've had to use various cream(including expensive ones) with no appreciable results. Bibi Naturals is a life saver and it's very affordable too. i think it should be recommended for baby's smooth skin.........Chioma please i urgently need fresh supplies, my friend hijacked what i had left.

  9. Wat time do u open ur stores in Abuja and do u still have d. JBCO and rosemary oil.



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