Trad. Fridays: We ♥ ♥ Funbi's Sunday Look

 Funbi's Skirt designed in Naija
 Funbi is the face behind  DatFunkyFro and AREWA NATURALS.
Thanks for sharing Funbi!  

Remember, if you want t be a part of this segment, send your fine-fine pictures to Its always a joy to hear from you. I want to also use this opportunity to throway salute to all Ladies and Gents who have supported DB&K by sending in their pictures, visiting, and leaving positive comments. Much love and Blessings!
Happy Weekends!!


  1. Thank you sis for giving me the honor to be featured on your blog! :)
    And thank you for the shout out + putting my AREWA Naturals button on your blog!
    I really appreciate all your love & support sis.
    OSE :)
    God bless you richly!


  2. Haba Sister, we must encourage each other at all time na... please don't mention.
    I see that I have gotten another spelling wrong:) Thanks for correcting me. I've found my junior Sisters Junior Secondary School Yoruba text book...I'm very dedicated to this o; I gats to speak Yoruba! So keep teaching us o..
    Odabo _^



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