Hi Everyone!!!

Its been long right?!! Wow...really long! I hope all is as great as I left it. Where have I been? Well I have been out picking up information; back to school...well not school-school like we all know but learning stuff that no one will teach you within the four walls of a school.
Simply put, I was working as an intern at one of the top firms in Nigeria and brother was it an experience.My blog and other parts of my life had to take back seat for the time I was away.
All in all, I will like to say that even though most of  my clothes don't fit  and I almost crashed at some point, this was one of the most memorable times of my life. I think that there are some experiences that we need to have to help us make good life decisions so that we don't 'think' but 'know' for a fact. I have much respect for the BC Abuja Fam.They were and are the best. I won't say that I enjoyed  the whole four weeks - that would be a lie:). There were somethings I could do without but then life would not be interesting and I wouldn't have stories to tell. So blessings to BC ABJ Fam! Hope to see you all again:)
And to the awesome ladies who sent me mails, wondering what was going on with me, abeg chop knuckle! Chizzy girl, Seun of MSE, Natural Nigerian, PharmNikki, you all are the best!! Muah!
I also see some new DBK followers on here. Welcome on board Ladies! Thanks for joining this site:). I look forward to reading your comments and learning from you as well.
So DBK is back on and the posts shall begin to roll in ASAP.
Thats all for now.
Peace, Heart, Natural!


  1. Welcome Back! I knew it had to be for a good reason!

    1. Yes o, it was for a good reason :) Thanks for stopping by Mane Captain. Salute!

  2. Thank God you're back. Hav really missed ur posts though im new here. Hav read some of ur older posts and enjoyed it a lot. Jst started out on my natural hair journey and u inspire me to want to go on.
    Welcome back.

    1. Aww...thank you Nkladapo. It is good to be back. Congratulations on going natural. Like I always say, remember to enjoy each phase of your journey. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings!



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