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Hi People!! 
To begin blogging again, I decided to share pictures of hairstyles I did while I was away.
 First, lets begin with my favorite length retention style, the loose twist. I got tired of styling my hair and decided to put this in and maintain it for one month.
 Sadly, the weather wasn't so kind and I had to wash my hair before scratching out each strand after the first week. Washing my loose twists revealed that I could pretend to have what looks like sister locks. After washing the twists in sections (braided sections), I applied a special gel given to me by Natural Nigerian to reduce frizz. The gel was great as it left my hair soft (no scrunchy feeling) and gave a bit of hold but my fine hair strands refused to be completely tamed (see pic. below). Some of the twists got loosened, especially the ones at the back where my coils are a bit more loose and finer than the other hair strands.
From afar people thought I had dreads but up close they realized it was rough looking twists. Nice cheat:) Don't you just love the versatility natural hair brings?

I really loved the frizzy look and was intent on maintaining it for 3 more weeks but then I had an interview and had no choice but to take it down :(.

Thanks for helping me out Bri...we should do this more often ^_^
 Nice bun shey?  (How to coming up soon)
 Since my hair was clean but a bit dry, I decided to moisturize using just water. Working in sections, I sprayed water on hair, smoothed on some coconut oil, and braided.  Below is the result.
So what gave me this much hold and definition?
Remember I applied some NN gel on my hair after washing the loose twists? Plus some hair strands were still clumped together after detangling (see fro pic.above). 
Clumped hair strands +hair gel = hair definition.
 I was able to keep my hair moisturized  for as long as two weeks by spraying just water on it  and sealing with pure coconut oil when it was dry. Keeping my ends tucked in and away from the unforgiving sun also did a lot of good.
 Finally, I stretched out my hair and did this awesome flat twists. Never done one like it before.
This style if properly  maintained can last for 3 days without restyling.
 I'll stop here for now and tomorrow, I would tell you about my visit to a salon and the trouble it caused me.


  1. Oh your hair looks GORGEOUS!!

    I am so bad at protective styling. I've had A LOT of breakage this last two years. Good for your for taking care of your hair

    1. Thank you Sugabelly!! Maybe you should learn simple things like putting your hair in a bun, chunky twists and braids. Those, in my mind, are the basics.

  2. Flaunt that beautiful hair of yours!! I really like the twists, bun and flat twist style.. You look quite young in these pictures. Hmmm :)

    Haha. I can't wait to read about the Salon story!!

    1. Thank you Sis! ^_^ Yes o, people say that a lot. And not just its not a pictures thing:) My uncle recently said I still look like a little girl 0_0

  3. I'm late, but welcome back babes. I should've done this picture post for all the hairstyles I came up with, while I was away. Lol, ah well.

    Hair look scrumptious as usual!

  4. how many years have you been natural?? your hair is so long and healthy

    1. Hi Tonye!Thanks for the compliment:) I did a mini chop sometime in 09 but I cant really remember the date...so 09 to now, lets just say its been 5 years.

  5. Ur hair is soooo awesome. I'm so inspired. I'm transitioning (2months) ryt now. And I plan to do my big chop september. Ur hair is so full and is kinda straight. Do u hav any shrinkage?

    1. Hi Geenie! Thanks for the compliments:) My hair seems straight because I smooth it when it is wet and braid immediately. Do I have shrinkage? Oh yes I do. I would try to do a post on this this week. Congrats on your decision to go natural and I wish you all the best in your journey :)



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