Product Find: Hemani Zait Jadayl Hair Formula

 Hi People!
Last week, a reader told me about a  hair product called Hemani's Zait Jadyl Hair formula. I have never heard of or seen this product before then so I wasn't too intrigued about it (having found my staple products, I'm not that product crazy any longer).
Not too trusting, I asked the vendor if she could show me results and she agreed to. Even better I got to see the results in person and not just in a picture. So I met Jemila and her sister and the moment they took down their hijabs I was really impressed with their long healthy looking relaxed hair. 
I was given a bottle to try (thank you Jemila!) and I will be doing a review as soon as possible.
The cold/dry harmattan winds have began blowing hard so man must be ready to protect these fragile strands.

1. Significantly reduces/stops breakage 
2. Thickens the hair
3. Great as a pre-poo treatment.

Liberally apply Hemani's Zait Jadyl hair formula to your hair and cover with a bag. Seat for some minutes and proceed to wash.

I love the packaging! But the smell seemed a bit too strong for me. I guess that is why I was advised to use this as a pre poo treatment. There are a few other reservations I have but I will deal with that after I have used it. I have already done a patch test with no reaction so....lets go there:)

Has anyone seen or used this product before? If yes, please share your experience in the comment box below. 

It has been brought to my notice that the link below which was posted last week talks about a different type of oil produced by Hemani (Zait Al Hayee). Please excuse the error.

For those of your who are interested, here's the closest thing to a kinky hair review I found online. Please read the whole thread before making up your mind.


  1. the product seems good> only worried bout the straightening sha. would love to try it out, any ideas where i can get it?

    1. Hi BYbahk! To get a bottle send a mail to About the straightening, read the whole thread and you'll see that the oil was not the culprit. Posting the thread up was even a mistake as the hemani oil in question is different from the one posted on here.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Happy Holidays!!

  2. Looks like it is a mix of different oils. Should be for pre-pooing and sealing those ends. Can you post a list of the ingredients, please?



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