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Like I promised the Hemani Zait Jadayl Hair formula review is ready.

 Mustard oil, Olive Oil, Coriander Oil, Jatamansi, Coconut oil, Alkanna Tinctoria Oil, and other beneficial herbs.

1. Significantly reduces/stops breakage: The vendor drew similarities between Man-shanu and the product in question. She claimed that like man-shanu, Zait Jadayl stopped breakage significantly. And with reduction in breakage comes length retention. Abi?
2. Thickens the hair
3. Great as a pre-poo treatment.

First Impressions
1. Nice packaging
2. List of ingredients: I noticed that Hemani only listed 6 ingredients on the bottle. "...and other beneficial herbs"? Hmm....
3.The smell: A bit too strong at first but you sort of get used to it. My comfort was in knowing that it would soon come off.
4. No direction for use on the bottle: I wish the company gave some instructions on how we can use their product. Do we leave it in? Wash it off? Apply on the hair? Skin....what?

My Experience
Before HZJ: For the past 3 weeks, I have been wearing chunky twists. During the first 2 weeks we had humid/hot weather (so grateful for AC's). During this period, my hair was the last thing on my mind. I'd put it up in a bun or tie it up quickly and be good to go. Then out of no where it rained and the dry harmattan winds blew in angrily the very next day. Instead of taking down my hair and doing a dc treatment to protect it from the harsh weather, I totally ignored it again (issokay). Fast forward to Wednesday last week an what I saw after take down was very dry, lifeless, straw-like hair :(
 How I used Zait Jadayl hair formula to detangle natural hair: So I poured a bit of the oil into my palm and smoothed it on a little section of hair, then I patiently took out the tangles and knots. Like Olive Oil and Coconut Oil (my favs), Zait Jadayl hair formula did a great job of getting those dry hair strands to separate with a bit more ease. The oil is not too thick or sticky. Application is easy and working with hair that has too much of the product is not as uncomfortable as working with hair that has too much castor oil *_*.
*The state my hair was in, if I had applied water before detangling, I would have lost a lot more hair than I did. 

Will I use it for this purpose again?
Oh yes.

Using Hemani Zait Jadayl hair formula for a pre poo treatment: 
Using the baggie method, I did a pre-poo treatment with the product. I sat under a hooded dryer for 30mins and after an hour, I went on to wash my hair. Lord!! My hair strands thirsty. It took a lot of water to get it soaking wet.
After washing once and co-washing twice, I proceeded to detangle. I noticed that my hair did not just shed but was also breaking as I detangled!
Whose fault? Most definitely not the oil. Remember that I neglected my hair for 2 weeks and one week of very dry weather. It is only normal that I deal with the results.
I almost expected the product to protect my hair from my negligence after just an hour of leaving it on but lets face it, that is too much to expect from any product.
Immediately after washing, I knew I had to do the right thing; I had to do a moisture treatment. Not in the mood to mix anything up, I used my Natural Nigerian Moisture Detangling Leave in Conditioner as a deep conditioning moisture treatment for my still thirsty roots .
After an hour, I took out the excess, applied some of my shea butter mix, braided and left hair to air dry.
By the next day, my hair was dry but very soft again. Amen! :) Above is a picture I took of my hair two days after wash day. Still soft and very easy to manage.
 To Protect my hair from further damage I...
Applied some Natural Nigerian hemp seed oil and twisted the hair in big chunks. If you look closely you will see that I used Noble kinky extensions- which is very close to my hair texture, colour and length  - to twist my hair. This should last for a week and after, I will do another Zait Jadyl pre poo treatment and follow up with a moisture treatment.
 Will I use this product again?
 But you still experienced breakage after first use, why go back to it?
I do not expect any product to miraculously fix days, weeks or months of neglect in one day.I would keep using it and would report my results after each use. Jemila told me to expect results in 4 months so I'm prepared to give this product more chances to prove itself.

Interested in trying this product out, visit our PRODUCT FIND PAGE for information on how to reach the vendor.

Share your hair secrets: Harmattan is here,what products are you using to keep the kinks healthy and moisturised?



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