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Remember what I told you about threading before visiting the salon? Here is an example.
 The lady in the pictures has a very sensitive scalp so pulling on her hair to create straight lines was definitely out of the question
 To reduce the pain she usually experiences during plaiting she...
  • Sprayed water on a section of her hair
  • Applied Natural Nigerian Leave in Detangling Conditioner
  • Combed and
  • Threaded
By the next day her hair was soft and ready for plaiting.
Don't be fooled into thinking she has fine hair o...She has tight curls and what some of you call 'stubborn hair' (the type that breaks combs). But with proper preparation sectioning was not a problem at all.
Did I mention that I absolutely love her hair color?


  1. I absolutely love it!!! Looking forward to having your magical fingers hook me up a style.

    1. Sweet!! And I look forward to working with your hair :)

    2. really cool blog! we will visit often

    3. Hi Jyune and Frnds!! Thanks for the love and I'm glad you could stop by:)



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