Nigerian Hair styles in the 60's
Hi People!
First of all let me start by setting the record straight: I am not a professional hair stylist o, I just know how to braid natural hair. That said, lets proceed to the topic at hand.
When most of us hear about going natural, the first thing that comes to mind is "hard work". Some of us get past this thought while others battle till they give up. For an intro, I will describe both ladies mentioned under 2 categories: The Enthusiastic Natural and the Extremely Lazy Natural

Enthusiastic Natural
These category of ladies have decided to go natural but they dread the time, energy and resources that go into the process. Instead of dumping the idea and/or sticking to what they have always known, they discuss their hair problems with friends who started their journeys before them, visit natural hair blogs, and try out styles and products, so they can find the regimen that works just right for their life style.

Extremely Lazy Natural
The others, who I'm focusing on in this post, have decided to go natural but can't really be bothered with anything apart from the vision they have of themselves with big hair. They admire natural hair styles, can not wait to spot that big fro... but the wahala of learning about hair textures and techniques is just too much for them. After many frustrations, they finally learn to wash their natural hair properly and maybe learn a few easy dc treatments along the way but that is where their adventure stops. They can't be bothered with stretching,they get frustrated with styling and sometimes resolve to weaves/wigs for the most part of their short journey. Lastly, they can be  the biggest critics of salons and stylists.
While their assessment of some hair stylists might be true (to some extent) the cause of their hair troubles rests on their shoulders.

End of Part One 

Part 2 coming up later in the day

NatM Asks: What Category do you belong to? Do you have friends or relatives that are extremely laid back? And how do you encourage them to be independent?


  1. I am an enthusiastic natural but I don't dread the energy and resources, may be the time...but its all love. Knowing how to do my own hair is a really invaluable skill and the result is encouraging.

    1. Hi Nikki, long time o. Its great that you love every part of your journey. Some of start that way and get bored after we notice some lengh (guilty).

  2. I think I'm a bit of both but if left to stick to one, I'd say I'm a lazy natural. I don't just have the time for styling, etc. I use wigs but I moisturize religiously but for DCs and shampooing, well I do that triweekly when I take out my braids (which I wear under my wigs). I don't have time for once a week washday routines. Lol. But I constantly keep tabs on natural hair blogs, channels and YouTube videos.



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